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Implementing Mechanisms to Enforce Multi-Account Security in AWS

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As your organization develops, expands and continues to build more and more solutions within your AWS environment, it won't be too long before the need to implement multiple accounts arises. Running multiple accounts brings many benefits, but also some challenges as well. One of those challenges is how to manage, implement and monitor your resources for security threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses both effectively and in a centralized manner for ease of operational support. This learning path will look at how to implement controls to resolve this challenge by analyzing some of the AWS services and features available to you to help you implement refined security controls across all of your accounts.  


  • Implementing cross-account access using IAM
  • Configuring GuardDuty to manage multiple accounts for threat detection
  • How to share CMKs across multiple accounts using KMS
  • How to share resources across multiple accounts using Resource Access Manager

Intended Audience

Due to the nature of the content involved, the courses within this learning path are recommended for those that already have a foundational understanding of AWS and security, in addition to a working knowledge of some of the AWS security services.  


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Learning Path Steps

1 courses

This course introduces the Implementing Mechanisms to Enforce Multi-Account Security in AWS learning path.

2 courses

This course covers how to implement cross-account access using AWS IAM.

3 courses

This course looks at how to collate and manage findings from multiple AWS accounts with Amazon GuardDuty.

4 courses

This course shows how to use the Key Management Service for encryption across multiple AWS accounts.

5 courses

This course shows you how to share resources between AWS accounts or within your AWS organization using the AWS Resource Access Manager.

6 courses

This course demonstrates how to configure multiple AWS accounts with Amazon Macie to protect PII data in S3.

7 courses

This course explains how to share secrets between different AWS accounts through the use of resource-based policies and AWS Secrets Manager.

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Exam: Enforce Multi-Account Security in AWS

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