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Integrating AWS services with LLMs and other FMs

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This course has been designed to cover the different AWS services that allow you to integrate with large language models and other foundation models. The services covered include:

  • Amazon Q - A generative AI-powered chatbot that can be customised to suit your needs as a business
  • Amazon Bedrock - A managed service that allows you to build generative AI applications by accessing a number of different foundation models via APIs
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer - Enabling you to easily and efficiently code your applications with the help of generated code snippets through machine learning

Learning Objectives:

Amazon Q:

  • Understand what Amazon Q is
  • Discover the benefits of leveraging Amazon Q in your enterprise
  • Explore Amazon Q’s different areas of expertise
  • Recognise Amazon Q’s pricing plans and features
  • The various features and use cases
  • How to configure a new Amazon Q web application that connects to business data systems and repositories
  • How to interact with an Amazon Q web application
  • How to control access to Amazon Q within an organization
  • How to use guardrails and chat controls to enhance the quality of end-user interactions with Amazon Q
  • How to configure plugins that interact with third-party services directly from Amazon Q
  • How to work with Amazon Q in the AWS Console and an IDE
  • How to use Amazon Q with Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • How to use Amazon Q with data engineering services
  • How to use Amazon Q with CodeCatalyst

Amazon CodeWhisperer:

  • Learn what CodeWhisperer does and the benefit it provides
  • How to generate code snippets with CodeWhisperer
  • Enable Amazon CodeWhisperer suggestions in the Cloud9 IDE
  • Utilize Amazon CodeWhisperer suggestions to write and deploy a Python function

Amazon Bedrock:

  • What Amazon Bedrock allows you to do
  • The different foundation models supported by Bedrock at the time this lesson was created
  • How you can experiment running inference with Amazon Playgrounds
  • How model evaluations allow you to compare and analyze different model performance and response outputs
  • The different types of model evaluations available and how to configure them
  • The fundamentals of setting up your APIs with Amazon Bedrock
  • Learn how to use Python and the Boto3 SDK to interact with the Bedrock API 
  • Learn how to run single prompt inference using code for both image and text generation 
  • Learn how to switch between Foundation Models using code 
  • Understand the invocation options for the Bedrock Runtime


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