Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers


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This learning path includes everything you need to know to get started developing serverless applications using AWS services. 

We start with an introduction to AWS CLI, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and using serverless functions. We then get into more advanced API Gateway functionality, as well as databases and containers. Throughout, we provide a lot of labs to give you the hands-on experience you need to develop serverless applications on AWS.

Labs are the best way to understand the benefits of Lambda.  The best way to learn how to use it is to get your hands dirty trying it out for yourself! The labs extend your knowledge and understanding and show you how to get the most benefit from Lambda functions in processing day to day tasks



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This course in intended to anyone interested in getting started with the tools that AWS provides for developers, we will explore all the services in the Developer Tools category, including CodeCommit, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline, by covering the basics for each service. By the end of this course you should be able to describe all these services and work with them. In order to follow up with the ...


Lab Overview The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. With just one tool to download and configure, you can control multiple AWS services from the command line and automate them through scripts. During this lab, you will learn how to configure the AWS CLI, leverage the built-in help tool, and set up an S3 website using the AWS CLI. Lab Objectives By the ...


API Gateway is a fully managed service by Amazon that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain and monitor their APIs at any scale without having to worry about versioning, authorizations, throttling and other administrative tasks. In this course, authored by Tehreem Siddiqui and narrated by Adam Hawkins, you will learn how to create and deploy REST API through API Gateway to ...


Executing code in response to specific event triggers is a common need. In fact, Event-Driven Programming has long been an important approach in Software Development. So if trigger response is useful within an operating system, why not for cloud-based web applications? To answer precisely that need, Amazon recently released Lambda. Lambda will launch AWS resources and execute snippets of code in ...


Start using event driven programming thanks to AWS Lambda AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for you, making it easy to build applications that respond quickly to new information. Lambda opens up all kinds of new possibilities, and can lower your costs at the same time. When running a job processing server in ...


In this course, we explore some of the common use cases for serverless functions and get started with implementing serverless functions in a simple application  


How to define Serverless APIs backed by AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway allows you to design RESTful interfaces and connect them with your favorite backend. You can design your own resources structure, add dynamic routing parameters and develop custom authorizations logic. Each API resource can be configured independently, while each stage can have specific cache, throttling and logging ...


How to secure API Gateway Resources with custom authorization logic Amazon API Gateway offers several native authorization mechanisms, such as managed API keys, IAM Roles, and custom authorizers. API Keys (with the help of Usage Plans) can help manage custom throttling and quota for your API consumers. IAM is a good choice whenever your consumers require access to AWS resources and you need to ...


In this course, we will create a multi-tier Serverless architecture on AWS using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions and Amazon Polly text to speech. This is a hands-on course where you will learn how to create serverless functions, data access, business logic and integration layers on AWS. Also, you will learn to create a presentation layer for your application using the client ...


Introduction to what is this service and what is useful for AWS Step Functions is a web service that enables you to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Step Functions manages the operations and underlying infrastructure for you to ensure your application is available at any scale. In this lab, we will see what is AWS Step Functions and ...


Course Description This course provides an introduction to working with Amazon DynamoDB, a fully-managed NoSQL database service provided by Amazon Web Services. We begin with a description of DynamoDB and compare it to other database platforms. The course continues by walking you through designing tables, and reading and writing data, which is somewhat different than other databases you may be ...


Containers are a bit of an “it” thing in technology right now. The reason for this is simple: they’re a very powerful tool which can streamline your development and ops processes, save companies money, and make life for developers much easier. However, the flip side of this is that they’re a new paradigm to understand, and require that apps be built with a specific architecture to take full ...


AWS X-Ray makes it possible for you to monitor, trace and visualize activity across multiple application touch points.   In this course we will: Introduce the AWS X-Ray service and the functionality that it provides. Explain the functions of the AWS X-Ray service and how to use AWS X-Ray with other AWS services. Demonstrate how to use the AWS X-Ray Console - highlighting key areas such as the ...


Lab Overview AWS CodeStar is a development service that lets you focus on development while AWS CodeStar takes care of the source repository, builds, and deployments. It is team-ready with built-in roles for members to allow collaboration between owners, contributors, and viewers. AWS CodeStar includes an integrated project dashboard to easily understand the state of the project. All you need to ...


AWS CodeCommit is a fully-managed source control service that makes it easy for companies to host secure and highly scalable private Git repositories. CodeCommit eliminates the need to operate your own source control system or worry about scaling its infrastructure. You can use CodeCommit to securely store anything from source code to binaries, and it works seamlessly with your existing Git ...


Lab Overview AWS Code Services provide you with all the tools you need to deliver software following DevOps practices. The services under the AWS Code Services umbrella that you will work with in this lab are: CodeCommit - A secure and scalable source control service supporting Git workflows CodePipeline - A service for fast and reliable continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) ...
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Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers
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