Serverless Python Web Development For AWS


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Consider how many servers it takes to run your web applications. For larger companies there may be thousands of servers that need to be managed across the different apps, both public and private. You’re paying for every second your servers are running. When they’re sitting idle, you’re paying for the servers to wait until the next request.

While not every application can be easily ported to be a serverless application, many new applications and APIs are great candidates. And the value is that with serverless you pay for what you use. This means that you’re not going to pay for servers to sit idle. It also means that you don’t need to tie your operations team up with server management; no more OS patching, systems monitoring, and other management tasks.

Part of building native serverless applications is selecting services that are the best fit for a task. These days there are so many great managed services for things such as user authentication, payment processing, image recognition and more. With the ubiquity of all of these services you’ll be able to create fully serverless applications.

The goal of this learning path is to teach developers how to create a fully serverless web application using Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito, S3, and DynamoDB. In order to accomplish this there are several courses covering the individual services to get you up-to-speed. Then the final course walks through combining all of these services into one application. The end result will be a multi-user todo list application.

Intended Audience:

This learning path is intended for engineers that can develop in at least one programming language.

If you have a job title of Developer, DevOps Engineer, or Site Reliability Engineer, then this is probably the learning path for you.



  • Familiarity with AWS
  • Know at least one programming language
  • Familiar with the CLI
  • Familiar with Git


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the learning path:

  • You should understand the architecture of a serverless web application
  • You should understand how to use API Gateway in a serverless application
  • You should understand how to use DynamoDB
  • You should understand how to use CloudFormation and SAM templates
  • You should understand how to develop serverless web applications with Python

This Learning Path Includes:

1 course containing high def video content.

1 lab to practice what you've learned


Your feedback is important! Every bit of content is here to help you learn. If there are things that you like or dislike, please reach out to us at

Your feedback will help us to make better content. 


  • May 9, 2018 - Added Learning Path Exam
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For years, web development has continued to evolve alongside programming languages, tooling, and frameworks. It started out with static web sites before moving on to dynamic sites that were rendered on the server. Over time, as JavaScript frameworks gained functionality and popularity, there was a shift towards putting more of the logic into the front-end, and using the back-end as a supporting ...


Lab Overview Serverless architectures let cloud providers handle the burden of managing servers and scaling to meet demand. Costs can also be reduced because you only pay for the compute resources needed to handle requests instead of paying for idle servers waiting for requests to come in. In this Lab you will practice serverless web development with Python for AWS by testing and deploying a ...


OverviewThis exam will test your knowledge of the concepts, services, and methods discussed in the Serverless Python Web Development for AWS learning path. You have 30 minutes to complete 20 multiple-choice questions. You must score 60 percent or higher to pass this exam.Once you begin your exam session:You can spend as long as you wish on any particular question but must budget your time to ...
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Serverless Python Web Development For AWS
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