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User activity and API tracking with AWS CloudTrail

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AWS CloudTrail is a great service that enables you to track both user account activity and API usage across your AWS accounts. This enables you to perform operational and risk auditing, in addition to maintain governance and compliance across your account. Through a series of on-demand courses and hands-on labs, you will learn how AWS CloudTrail tracks events and how to manage the trails it creates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what AWS CloudTrail is
  • Learns the benefits that AWS CloudTrail brings to your AWS accounts
  • Understand why you should be using AWS CloudTrail
  • Learn the different managed policies available to control CloudTrail permissions
  • Understand how Events are structured within CloudTrail event logs
  • Discover the different parameters that are stored within a single event
  • Understand the naming convention of CloudTrail log files
  • Understand the Amazon S3 bucket structure of where CloudTrail logs are stored
  • Learn how Amazon CloudWatch can be used to monitor CloudTrail logs
  • Access CloudTrail Event history to look up and filter management events
  • Create a CloudTrail Trail to log S3 data events
  • Apply advanced event selectors to scope event criteria
  • Aggregate CloudTrail events into an Event Data Store
  • Form and query a CloudTrail Lake
  • Configure a trail to capture management events and deliver log files to an S3 bucket
  • Integrate the trail with CloudWatch Logs
  • Generate management events by launching an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Configure a CloudWatch metric filter and alarm


As a perquisite to taking this learning path, you may find it beneficial in having some familiarity with the fundamentals of the core AWS services, including Amazon CloudWatch


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