The Cost to Hire vs. The Cost to Upskill Tech Talent [Infographic]

Simple economics lets us know that as the demand for qualified tech talent has risen and the supply hasn’t kept pace, hiring on the open market has become an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.

Not only that, but top candidates now control their own destiny. They can pick and choose the companies they want to work for and the roles they want to pursue within them.

This isn’t news to anyone. But taking a step back to truly understand the numbers is both impactful and scary — especially for companies competing against huge enterprises with the power to attract new and experienced talent with relative ease.

Let’s take a look at the situation at hand.

The Cost to Hire vs The Cost to Upskill Tech Talent

The talent shortage, particularly in STEM fields, has been well recognized and written about for years. Nevertheless, the problem remains — and it’s only getting worse. What if you could actively narrow your organization’s tech skills gap in a predictable and scalable way? Download our white paper to learn how.

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