What is Firebase? Serverless for mobile developers

Most mobile developers working on an app are likely to encounter a common problem: how to write backend services. Achieving a solid architecture that allows the service to scale correctly (with minimal downtime) requires solid knowledge in backend technologies. Without it, you’re likely to waste a lot of time and money. Mobile backend as a..

Top Five Azure Announcements at Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference was held May 10-12 2017 in Redmond, and included a number of exciting announcements about the Azure cloud and surrounding ecosystem of services and tools. What follows here is my short take on the most interesting of those. Questions or comments? Think I left something out? Ping me on Twitter..

Three ways to cut your EC2 costs with Hands-on Labs

Moving to the cloud offers businesses many advantages over managing their own infrastructure. Cost savings is the primary benefit for companies that make the leap to the cloud. However, there are still many opportunities for cutting costs even after the initial migration. If unchecked, these missed opportunities could silently be costing your business money that..

Cloud Academy Office Hours: April 2017

In mid-April, we hosted the first Cloud Academy “office hours” webinar. This was intended to be an open Q&A session for all things cloud computing that would allow us to address some of your most common questions and topics, from the general Cloud to Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and more. In all, we received 37 questions! (Thanks to everyone..

Which AWS Compute service do I need?

With the ever increasing and expanding service catalog being developed by the engineers at AWS, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to understanding which AWS Compute service you need and which service you should be using for your deployments. Which service offers me the quickest deployment?” or “Which service offers the best managed solution?”or..