Knowledge gaps and a lack of engagement are huge problems — problems that lead to poor workplace culture and costly churn — for many organizations. And skills intelligence is the fix.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

To effectively tackle skills gaps and under-stimulation, workers need to feel valued, get chances to learn useful information, and see clear paths for advancement.

In other words, work is work, but it needs to be fulfilling. When it’s not, cloud and tech pros look to build futures elsewhere.

That’s why, contrary to popular belief, offering traditional incentives (like signing bonuses and cushy in-office perks) doesn’t exactly inspire tenure among tech talent. While the extra money and laid-back office lounges are great, they don’t reliably lead to feelings of fulfillment. This is especially true in the new normal of remote work, where teams are spread across nations and continents.

With a skills intelligence-focused approach to tech talent management, you can solve knowledge gaps, increase productivity and engagement, and boost morale — all while saving money that you’d otherwise spend on onboarding and low-ROI training programs.

Skills intelligence breakdown

Simply put, skills intelligence is understanding who has what skills on your team and how to better leverage — and grow — internal talent. It enables you to create a strong sense of camaraderie and restores the two-way investment between employer and employee.

In today’s demanding techscape and worker-led marketplace, skills intelligence is the most valuable tool in your management toolbox. Most organizations can’t afford to bleed cash on high turnover costs and ineffective training plans. 

But unless you’re a leader with unlimited resources and very few responsibilities, getting an accurate read of your team’s strengths and weaknesses isn’t always easy.

Skills intelligence platform

At Cloud Academy, we understand the struggle of maintaining tech teams, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a one-stop shop for tech talent management.

This is our skills intelligence platform.

If you’re not into videos, we’ve got you covered. Download our Skills Intelligence Platform eBook here.

Cloud Academy’s approach to skills intelligence focuses on three core concepts:

  • Baseline – gives you a pulse on team and individual competencies to help you hire great talent quicker with pre-hire assessments, onboard faster, and expand your tech skills database
  • Develop – lets you choose fully customizable upskilling paths from always up-to-date training content (including hands-on labs, certification prep, and beyond)
  • Validate – shows you view real-time skills growth analytics, lets you manage certification programs at scale, and helps establish job roles and clear opportunities for career advancement

And it works really, really well. Our customers agree.

Experience it for yourself

The impact skills intelligence can have on your tech teams is only measurable if you try it out. Schedule a demo or start a free business trial to see the results for yourself.

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