Navigating the Great Resignation

How to Thrive During the Great Resignation

It feels like the world’s at a standstill: video calls have taken the place of face-to-face interactions, supply chains are strained worldwide, and pandemic-fueled paradigm shifts have resulted in the worker exodus we now know as The Great Resignation.

These conditions have ravaged industries, causing businesses to struggle or, in some cases, close their doors forever.

Our social, professional, and economic lives are increasingly reliant on technology. This could be a time of great innovation and growth for tech organizations — but instead they’re feeling the strain of increased demand, having too few knowledgeable team members to bear the load, and not being able to keep the employees they do have.

So what’s the solution?

Break the cycle of turnover

Thanks to the skilled worker shortage, playing catch-up has become an unwelcome constant for many orgs — making progress toward bigger goals and planning for the future feel impossible. In other words, companies are treading water — and nobody can tread water forever.

It’s time to go all-hands-on-deck to attract and retain tech talent.

In a recently published white paper, we cover how to do just that (plus what not to do, like offering problematic signing bonuses) during this time of never-before-seen economic turbulence.

Getting and keeping great workers is doable, even in today’s candidate-driven marketplace, when hiring managers, recruiters, and leaders prioritize what employees actually want out of their jobs: supportive learning culture, positive worker experience, and opportunities to build and learn new skills.

Get through The Big Quit

Take a deeper look at Navigating the Great Resignation to learn how to stay afloat today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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