Micro-Blog 1 of 3 – Read These Before You Take the CKA: Becoming the Bookworm

Microblog #1: Become the Bookworm

I know what you’re thinking, read a Kubernetes book blah blah blah. Actually no, but you will be reading something. This tip is all about breaking down the exam’s content to a molecular level and bookmarking the documentation that pertains to that content for reference during the exam.


According to the official rules and policies surrounding the CKA you can have one tab open that references any of the following:

And any of their subdomains. You do have to be careful to stay within those sites, as some links within them navigate to external websites. You can always hover over the link and verify in the bottom left corner if you’re unsure.

What does this mean? It means you can create a folder on your Chromium browser that specifically breaks down the exam objectives by their title and their respective content. This was how I structured my bookmarks for the exam:

[Folder] CKA-Links
[DO FIRST] 1. autocompletion/cheatsheet
2. <exam-focus>/<exam-objective>

And so on and so forth. Each <exam-focus> was specifically titled to what the CKA Rubric covered, so I was never lost.

That does it for this microblog. For our next one, we’ll cover how to hit the ground running when we first jump into the exam terminal environment.

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