Track Your Certifications, Point to Your Success

Track Your Certifications, Point to Your Success

Whether you’re an individual user of our platform or part of a large enterprise team, we’ve learned that a majority of people using Cloud Academy are quite an ambitious bunch. Many of you are constantly working towards certifications, and often multiple certifications at that! But once you’ve trained for weeks with our step-by-step Training Plans, gotten your hands dirty in the code with our hands-on labs, and finally passed your certification exam, how are you keeping track of all these new achievements?

We’ve heard from many of our customers that you’d like a central place to find all the certificates you’ve collected while working with Cloud Academy, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve built in functionality to upload your certifications and keep them all organized directly in the platform. 

Now you can easily keep track of all the achievements throughout your professional career in one easy-to-reference location when you need to showcase your results. You can also share each certification directly to your LinkedIn profile.

Not only can you upload certifications you’ve achieved from external providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, and more, but it also tracks all of our internal learning path certificates. Whenever you download a certificate for a learning path you complete in Cloud Academy, it will automatically appear in the new “certifications” tab for you, making it easy to reflect back on your progress over time. 

Within your dashboard, you’ll see a “certifications” tab at the top where you can get started.

Dashboard with Certification Uploader

What’s even better is that from this view, you can also download each of your certifications and easily print them out.

As you plan for your next promotion, set your sights on landing a new job, or simply gain mastery in your craft, we hope you find this tool helpful in staying organized and headed toward success. Get started today with our learning paths and start earning your own certifications.

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