Always in Demand With Current Tech Skills: Meet Terry Brummet

Terry Brummet is an IT consultant who works extensively with AWS and Azure. He loves his work and likes to keep up on training, knowledge, and all the changing features in the cloud ecosystems.

Terry’s work focuses on architecture, implementation, and infrastructure. It’s always evolving, so he sees Cloud Academy as a worthwhile investment that pays for itself. In fact, he was able to get his most recent contract based on the knowledge he gained from Cloud Academy.

Terry recalls a time when he had to carry around 1,000-page manuals for the different hardware he was working on. Obviously, things have changed a lot since then, but even with all the info he can find online, he still goes to Cloud Academy before anywhere else.

What types of content do you focus on?

Terry focuses a lot on AWS for his goals. He loves the certification learning paths because they provide solid knowledge and they’re organized well with all the info in one place. When he studies Azure content, he goes straight to the certification learning paths even though he hasn’t pursued a cert yet. The learning paths have already prepared him well for the day-to-day problem-solving challenges that he encounters in the Microsoft cloud. He also thinks that the hands-on examples are really helpful for him, since he does not have a coding background. The courses help Terry build a strong base in code by giving him practical experience.

Some of Terry’s study techniques

Terry loves Lab Challenges and practice exams. Recently, he was learning all about Citrix, and the hands-on work helped cement the theory he was getting from courses. He then likes to couple that with practice multiple-choice tests within Cloud Academy. His personal method is to prove the wrong answers are indeed wrong by going into the real environment with labs and learning why the answers are incorrect.

When he needs some quick info, Terry jumps into one course and fills the specific need he has. Maybe he’ll even run the course at 1.5x speed (he loves that option). Then when he has time, he’ll go back to the associated learning path and take the rest of the courses, labs, exams, etc., in order to fully immerse himself in the new subject.

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