SUPERCHARGE Your AWS re:Invent Experience!

AWS re:Invent is BACK!

After a strange 2020, AWS is launching a hybrid event and now is the time to jump back into the full sea of offerings available in the lead-up to the conference.

Real-life example of what it feels like to supercharge your re:Invent experience.

Cloud Academy is here to be your partner and help you take your AWS experience, certifications — and CAREER — to the next level. Whether you’re in Vegas or joining re:Invent virtually, with Cloud Academy you’ll be able to get everything you could possibly need for AWS education, certifications, courses, hands-on labs, and connecting with our AWS community.

CTA for Supercharge your re:Invent Experience with Cloud Academy

What do you get for signing up?

Want to level up your career? Want a new job role? Get real experience NOW in the lead-up to and during the show. You’ll have a richer experience when you’re meeting people and exchanging ideas. Here’s what we’re offering:

🏆 AWS Lab Contest — win prizes of $250-$1,000 and prove your AWS skills versus the community

🧪 Over 200 Self-Guided Labs — jump into real AWS deployments and learn at your own pace

💪 All 11 AWS Certification Learning Paths — everything you need to show the world you’re AWS-ready 

🏗️ Learning Paths for re:Invent Breakout Sessions – pre and post education for Breakout Sessions / Chalk Talks

🧐 AWS Certification Webinars — expert-led deep dives into two of the most popular AWS Certs

AWS Lab Contest

Think you’ve got the best AWS skills? Want to prove it versus some global competition? Prizes range from $250-$1,000 for the fastest and most accurate lab challenges.

Update: Check out the real-time rankings on our Lab Contest Leaderboard – updated all throughout re:Invent.

Info on upcoming Lab Contests will be released at the start of each session!

🌟 Lab Challenge 1: Oct. 25 – Nov. 7Amazon SNS Image Resizing Challenge

Lab Challege - AWS SNS Resizing

Info on upcoming Lab Contests will be released at the start of each session!

🌟 Lab Challenge 2: Nov. 8 – 14 – Implement Amazon VPC High Availability Best Practices

Lab Challenge 2 - AWS VPC High Availability

🌟 Lab Challenge 3: Nov. 15 – 21 – Create Amazon RDS Database Instance Challenge

Create Amazon RDS Database Instance Challenge

🌟 Lab Challenge 4: Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 OPEN NOW! Code Red: Repair an AWS Environment with a Linux Bastion Host

Check out the Lab Contest FAQ for all the details you need.

Over 200 Self-Guided Hands-on Labs 

Real AWS deployments — opened up, no risk. Check out some highlights:

First steps – perfect for someone just getting into AWS

Machine Learning – quickly get your hands dirty with image recognition, NLP, etc.

Security – from CloudWatch Security Logs to AWS Secrets, firm up your security posture

AWS Certification Learning Paths

Here they are – all 11 AWS cert learning paths. Jump in and train with the best instructors and get on the road to AWS certification.

Learning Paths for re:Invent Breakout Sessions

Our custom Learning Paths get you ready to get the most out of the AWS Chalk Talks / Breakout Sessions. You’ll get specific courses, labs, and assessments designed to prepare you before the session, as well as check your learnings after.

AWS-Focused Webinars

We’ll be hosting a couple of webinar series on two of the most popular AWS certs. Join us for detailed reviews with our experts as they cover the Solutions Architect – Associate and Developer – Associate certifications.

And check out as our very own Stuart Scott explores Amazon Lightsail with Darko Mesaroš, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS.

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Introduction to Amazon Lightsail Object Storage

Developers use object storage to store static files for backups, website content, and much more. In this tech talk, you will learn of a new, low-cost way to store your static content on Amazon Lightsail. Join Darko Mesaroš, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, as he walks you through different types of cloud storage (object, block, and file storage) and presents a demo of uploading static images from your Amazon Lightsail object storage bucket to a WordPress website. At the end of the webinar, we will hold a Q&A with Darko and Stuart Scott, AWS Content Director at Cloud Academy, to open the floor to attendees.

Free Content Opened Up For re:Invent

Can’t get enough free AWS training content?

Check out all of our unlocked content for re:Invent.

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