Announcing New Cloud Academy Pricing

Cloud Academy lowers prices for teams and individuals to accelerate tech training

What’s going on?

Cloud Academy is excited to announce new lower prices for teams and individuals. We’re making access to our comprehensive technical training environment easier than ever. That means easier access to live cloud environments for hands-on learning and scalable training solutions for any size team.

Learn more by watching our video announcement:

Why are we lowering our prices?

Recently Cloud Academy became part of the QA group, the leading provider of tech training in the UK. This has enabled us to make game-changing investments in our platform while also publishing more high-quality content in areas like programming languages, machine learning, and so much more. 

As the world adapts to new ways of working and learning, this moment provides an opportunity to build new technical skills. At Cloud Academy, we believe in building a unique learning experience that helps our customers learn, experiment, and push the boundaries of technical innovation, whether for their organizations or their careers. To that end, we want to provide access to more teams and aspiring innovators than ever before.

Technology skills have never been more vital, and businesses are increasingly investing in tech talent with proven capabilities so they can innovate for the future.

How has Cloud Academy evolved?

Over the past seven years, Cloud Academy has built the most comprehensive tech training platform in the world, trusted by thousands of professionals and by global enterprises. We’ve developed indispensable features for enterprise training like Skills Assessments, Hands-on Labs, tailored Training Plans, and Content Engine™, which allows companies to create their own learning paths to meet the unique training needs of any team — and we’re planning to release more great features in the coming months.

Cloud computing will continue to provide the foundation for waves of innovation, and every day Cloud Academy is helping thousands of people advance their careers with the same learning platform and content that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

We start with an innovative training solution that’s powered by subject matter experts and couple it with a scalable learning platform that can assess, develop, and validate the skills of any size team, effectively showing you when you’re ready for your next technical challenge.

Whether you’re on your own working toward a cloud certification, or part of a team that needs to jump on a new tech initiative, Cloud Academy is uniquely positioned to help you learn more quickly and deeply in live cloud environments. Through our labs you’ll trigger different parts of your brain as you do real work in actual deployments, all without having to worry about the typical details around security, cost, and logistics that are associated with spinning up cloud resources.

You don’t just learn technical steps and facts at Cloud Academy — our content and platform form a unique integrated approach that empowers you to learn, retain, and apply skills in real-world scenarios where the stakes are high…just like on the job.

How do you get started?

If you’re ready to start learning and growing your technical skills, whether you’re leading a team or you’re an individual learner, we’ve made it simple to get started in minutes through our website.

For individuals: $49/month or $499/year

Individual learners can take advantage of the reduced pricing in our Personal Plan to gain new skills that will be in high demand for a long time to come. These skills can provide a foundation for exciting career opportunities at the forefront of innovation. Our personal plan includes:

  • 10,000+ hours of unlimited access to our premium training library
  • Hands-on labs: learn step-by-step using actual accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Lab challenges: troubleshoot complex scenarios without guidance on sandboxed accounts
  • Lab playgrounds: explore your own ideas in a live cloud environment — without having to install any software
  • Certification learning paths: get the knowledge and hands-on practice to get certified
  • Mobile access: study anywhere, anytime with our mobile app

For teams or small businesses: $649/year per license

Teams can purchase up to 15 licenses on our pricing page. These licenses provide full access to all of the features in the personal plan, but also include the following features from our enterprise plan: 

  • Assessments: accurately pinpoint baseline skills
  • Training Plans: assign certifications or role-based training
  • Skill Profiles: track and report skill growth
  • Content Engine™: clone and customize our training content

For enterprises: $649/year per license

Our Enterprise Plan is the most cost-effective solution to establish and maintain an enterprise training program at scale. Enterprise plans include everything in the personal plan plus: 

  • Assessments: accurately pinpoint baseline skills
  • Training Plans: assign certifications or role-based training
  • Skill Profiles: track and report skill growth
  • Content Engine™: clone and customize our training content
  • Customer Success Manager: quickly onboard your team to achieve the fastest time to value

We have Solution Specialists ready to hear more about your specific learning objectives. Contact us for pricing or to schedule a demo. 

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