An Open Letter to Cloud Academy Users on Skills Readiness

Dear Cloud Academy users,

I am thrilled to announce that Cloud Academy is now offering our Skills Readiness solution to individual users as part of your existing subscription.

As you may already know, Cloud Academy is reinventing the way that people and companies assess, train, and apply skills for a cloud-fluent world within the domains of Cloud Computing, DevOps, Security, and Programming Languages. Our outcome-based courses and labs empower professionals to master new skills in live cloud and coding environments while upskilling for key jobs in today’s complex cloud landscape.

By pivoting our solution to focus on Skills Readiness, we are unlocking smarter, role-based cloud and technology learning. Skills Readiness goes beyond traditional training, ensuring that our users are fully equipped to apply their knowledge in real-life business scenarios.

Through our AI-driven learning paths and hands-on labs, the new Skills Readiness features provide users with a dynamic learning experience that adapts to their unique needs and skill levels. For example, our Smart Job Roles enable users to assess, practice, and apply an expertly curated group of skills to get job-ready for the next role. Meanwhile, Smart Skills help users assess, practice, and apply a single skill. This innovative approach to learning ensures that our users are fully prepared to tackle real-world challenges and succeed in their careers.

Previously, only enterprise customers could access the Skills Readiness solution. Now, we are extending Skills Readiness to individual users as testament to our commitment to equipping the world with job-ready digital, cloud, and tech skills. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their background or circumstance.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to stay ahead of the curve or just starting your journey in the world of cloud technology, we invite you to explore Skills Readiness and start mastering new skills with hands-on, practical learning.

Thank you for choosing Cloud Academy as your skill development partner.


Greg Schwartzkopf

Chief Customer Success Officer

Cloud Academy