Azure DP-100 Certification: Accelerate your Data Science Career

What is DP-100 about?

The big picture

Let’s say you’re a data scientist — or an aspiring one. You need some tools in your toolbelt. There are all sorts of open-source frameworks you learn such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn. Now with the Azure DP-100 certification, you can take fluency with these frameworks and demonstrate that you have knowledge of the Azure Machine Learning service.

Illustration from Cloud Academy DP-100 intro course

Azure Machine Learning is Azure’s in-house ML solution, made to be a comprehensive solution to get your machine learning-powered model deployed as fast as possible. It empowers you by integrating everything you need to release models on Azure environments and the particular idiosyncrasies related to Microsoft’s cloud.

The Cloud Academy DP-100 Learning Path

What you’ll learn about in the DP-100 Learning Path

Cloud Academy’s Learning Paths are carefully designed learning experiences to guide you through everything you need to achieve a certain goal. In this DP-100 Learning Path, your main goals will be:

  • How to create an Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • How to train a machine learning model using the drag-and-drop interface
  • How to deploy a trained model to make predictions based on new data

How does this fit in a career path?

Let’s put this particular Azure certification in context with the rest of the Azure cert family. The DP-100 is one of the newer certs, and it may not be as widely known as the big ones such as the Azure Administrator (AZ-104), Azure Developer (AZ-204), or Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303 & AZ-304).

While it’s not as well known, being a niche topic does give you the opportunity to specialize in a unique way — to showcase marketable skills that the DP-100 cert attests. Don’t forget: Azure may be #2 in cloud market share, but it’s growing each year, with 18% of the market in Q1 2020

Why did Cloud Academy make the DP-100 Learning Path?

That’s easy to answer: Our users requested this cert. A lot.

And while getting a single certification is not the single end goal for your career, the DP-100 is a powerful tool in your arsenal to show you can step outside the AWS bubble and help organizations leverage machine learning technology. Whether you’re an employee or a consultant, it’s a great tool that can set you apart. 

What makes the DP-100 Learning Path special?

Focus, focus, focus. We give you all the vital info you need.

This is a hard certification, but we guide you through mastery of deploying a machine learning model both via the drag-and-drop interface and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

The learning path courses and labs cover three main sections:

  1. The drag-and-drop interface
    Get info on training and deploying a model, setting up data stores and data sets, and adding custom code.
  2. The machine learning SDK
    Learn about running experiments, creating training sets, and deploying models all with the power and flexibility (and challenge) of using the machine learning SDK.
  3. AutoML and HyperDrive
    Learn how to use Azure’s Automated Machine Learning service to discover the most optimal model for a dataset, as well as learn how to use HyperDrive to help automate hyperparameter tuning. 

Our vision for Learning Paths

We’re passionate about and dedicated to giving you the most complete and up-to-date learning experiences. This DP-100 certification learning path is not set in stone; it’s a living, breathing entity that is constantly updated and added to by our experts. Not to mention, if you want to keep up with changes in the Azure space (and cloud in general), you need to prioritize staying current as one of your main objectives.

Our course author maintains an always up-to-date set of Recommended Reading — supplementary information that is important to consider as you approach your test date.

DP-100 Recommended Reading

We want you to succeed and with additions such as these, we provide all you need to be prepared for and pass the DP-100 certification exam.

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