Bringing Current Tech to Learning & Organizational Development – Lori Dyer’s Career Path

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Meet Lori

Meet Lori Dyer. Lori works as an Organizational Development Partner in the Learning and Organizational Development field. Lori has a master’s degree in IT and she’s always liked coding, infrastructure, and systems, so the cloud was a natural progression for her.


What have you used Cloud Academy for?

Lori was able to get caught up on cloud technologies. Compared to a few years ago when she was in school, so much in the IT and tech world has changed. Through learning paths, Lori was able to keep up-to-date with the changes and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam.

What do you like best about Cloud Academy?

Lori’s really happy with the content, such as the videos, and the main highlights for her are the hands-on labs. If there’s anything she wants to look at and learn about … there’s a lab for that. She appreciates that she can play around and not have to sign up for a cloud account. Even if most things might be free tier-eligible in places like AWS or Azure, Lori points out that you still have to remember that not everything is free. She thinks it’s nice to know she can explore freely in Cloud Academy and will not get charged because of accidentally racking up a huge cloud bill (it can happen!).

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