Certification Tracking: Introducing the Newest Built-In Functionality

Certification Tracking: Introducing the Newest Built-In Functionality

Cloud certifications are a great way for members of your team to demonstrate their tech competence and for you to understand exactly where they are in their development. This lets you know when they’re ready to tackle the next challenging project.

As we hear all the time, cloud technology continues to grow rapidly. And as the tech continues to evolve, so do the certifications — many of which need regular refreshers and renewals. Keeping up is a constant battle.

As a team manager, you already understand the importance of upskilling your tech team so they’re up-to-date with these changes. It’s increasingly important for them to gain these industry-recognized certifications that help them to advance in their current role and build a long-term career with you. 

You need to track your team members’ certifications and gain visibility into expiring certifications — but how can you do that effectively? 

If you’re like a lot of team managers, you have a process of uploading PDFs and updating a spreadsheet. Although you might not mind this manual task, you know that this process is archaic, time-consuming, and difficult to track. There has to be a better way. 

There are several certification tracker tools out there that can help ensure that your entire organization is on track with certification requirements. But that’s an extra tool with extra costs and extra work…for you. 

That’s where we come in. Cloud Academy is continually enhancing our platform, adding new features to make it more valuable and to make your job easier. Just a few months ago, we announced new functionality that allows individual team members to upload their certifications and keep them all organized directly in the platform. 

We built upon that functionality to make it seamless for you to have complete visibility into your organization’s certifications, and we’re excited to announce that our new certification dashboard is now available exclusively for enterprise admins, team managers, and stakeholders on the Cloud Academy platform. 

The certification dashboard allows you to effortlessly track your organization’s certifications by providing a bird’s-eye view into the certifications uploaded from the entire team. Not only that, your dashboard highlights expired certifications and certifications expiring in the next 90 days, so you’ll know who needs to work on updating certifications — all without having to update another spreadsheet! Of course, if you still want a spreadsheet, we give you the option to download that directly from the dashboard as well.


1. Empower your team to upload their own certifications

We made it easy for your members to upload their professional certifications directly from their dashboard. This keeps their certifications organized, sends them reminders when they are expiring, and gives you a bird’s-eye view into the certifications of your entire organization. 

2. Accelerate certification readiness and keep teams on track

The certification dashboard provides a centralized location to monitor, measure, and track certification-related information within your organization. Plus, it pinpoints expired certifications and those expiring in the next 90 days, so you’ll always know who needs to work on updating certifications — without having to manually update another spreadsheet! 

3. Gain deeper insights to know precisely where your teams stand

Each chart allows you to dive deeper into the data. Simply right-click on any chart element, click “Drill down” or “Show underlying data” to get more granular insights, such as which team or member has a specific certification. Download the entire dashboard as a PDF or export individual charts to provide clarity on the skills your team has to help you plan for scalable, predictable growth. Want to get your hands dirty with all the info? You can download a spreadsheet of everything and start to dig in.

Where can you find it?  

The certification dashboard is located under “Intelligence” in the management dashboard.

Why is it important to track employee certifications? 

Most businesses using Cloud Academy for cloud certification purposes have a concrete goal, such as certifying a specific number of employees. Keeping track of both the earned and expiring certifications is important to ensure that you are accurately meeting your training objectives. 

Additionally, if your organization has certification requirements for working on the network, then tracking expiring certifications is critical to prevent compliance issues. The new certification dashboard will give you peace of mind that all of your team’s certifications are up-to-date and allow you to keep your employees on track with recertification requirements. 

Finally, knowing who has which certifications helps you understand what’s going on with the overall health of your organization. For example, if you consistently see technical errors within certain teams, you can review the certification dashboard to see if the teams making the errors have adequate credentials and training, and adjust the requirements accordingly. This can lead to increased productivity and create a more collaborative atmosphere for everyone in your organization. 

Want to learn more? 

Get started on a company trial to start upskilling your team with real-time certification tracking. You’ll get to test drive the enterprise platform for seven days for free — no credit card required. Or request a demo to see the platform in action. 

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