Future-Proofing Himself With the AWS Solutions Architect Cert – Meet Nitin Thakral

Cloud Academy is highlighting users, our very own Champions, who take the best of their abilities and make something new happen with the technical skills they learn.

Meet Nitin

Nitin Thakral currently works as a Database Administrator and has been in the IT world for 25 years, with 20 of them on the database side.


Nitin finds value in the gaps he can fill with Cloud Academy. Currently, he’s into Azure certification content, as well as hands-on labs for getting knowledge that you can’t get from courses alone. He also was excited to dive deep into Amazon CloudWatch since he felt he needed a boost in that area and found lots of good resources for it in our content library.

Certifications = job security

Nitin has two AWS certifications: Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect – Associate (the most popular of all AWS certs). He didn’t get the certifications for any particular job search at the moment, but instead he sees the certs as a way to future-proof himself in a constantly-evolving tech environment. Sounds like a good plan!

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