Getting Strategic With Your Learning: Pritpal’s Story

Pritpal Jalf is a busy engineer who’s been in the DevOps field for seven years. With a demanding job and twins at home, he uses Cloud Academy to get the content and structure he needs to stay ahead in his career.

What was your goal with Cloud Academy?

Pritpal’s first goal was to fill the skill gaps he saw emerging. This was around five years ago, when cloud was really starting to take off. The next logical step that came out of this process was getting certified, and since AWS was the overwhelming leader in the space at that time, Pritpal started down the cert learning paths.

The continued benefit of certifications

After filling his skill gaps, Pritpal’s next big win was getting both his AWS DevOps and SysOps Engineer Certifications. He got these certifications because of the recognition and credibility they give him at his job, both with peers and management. Getting the certs was completely his choice, so he feels good about the effort he put in and the payoff. His next goal is to get more advanced practitioner certifications.

Cloud Academy DevOps Certification Learning Paths

Pritpal’s studying method

When he’s addressing an immediate need such as a skill gap, Pritpal searches within Cloud Academy for a course or lab that can give him the info he needs right away. He finds the search functionality very intuitive, and he likes that the courses are part of larger learning paths because there are labs, quizzes, resources, and more recommendations all in one place. He also finds the transcripts of courses to be helpful, and particularly loves all the DevOps content from Jeremy Cook — he’s been watching Jeremy for a while now and thinks all his content is spot on for the job.

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