How an AWS Solutions Architect Certification Helped David Chang Get Real Job Offers

Meet David Chang. David lives in Guatemala and works as a consultant for U.S. companies in the data science and engineering field. He has 15 years of experience in computer science and has used his knowledge and hard work to take his career to some great places.


What have you used Cloud Academy for?

David used Cloud Academy to train for his AWS Solutions Architect certification exam. He looked at lots of options and he liked the structure of the Cloud Academy learning paths the best. The key for him, though, has been the hands-on labs. 

David was successful in getting his Solutions Architect certification because of his Cloud Academy training. He quickly saw it as a life-changing event — as a remote engineer in Central America, he immediately started getting U.S. job inquiries after he posted his certification online (nice!).

What do you like best about Cloud Academy?

Hands-on labs are the killer feature for David. As part of a learning path, they easily help you follow along in a logical structure, and they put a direct emphasis on key certification concepts. He likes how the labs force you to stay within your specific service — it keeps you controlled and focused on the point. David usually follows along in the pre-arranged structure and then jumps to new labs when something strikes his fancy.

A couple of other favorites of David’s are the code examples in the courses (he got a lot of use out of a code example in a Python Learning Path) and the comparisons between cloud providers (i.e., in some courses, they simulate a specific problem and then show the solution in AWS, Azure, and GCP, which helps you understand which provider can help solve your problem best).

David’s favorite instructors are Andrew Larkin and Stuart Scott. He thinks they really have a knack for keeping the audience focused.

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