Inside the Cloud – Episode 3: Security, Migration, and Storage on Azure Cloud

Our third episode of Inside the Cloud is all about Microsoft Azure. In this episode, we’ll be focusing on the host of new services and updates on Azure Security, Migration, and Storage recently announced on Microsoft Azure following its annual Ignite conference, held last month in Orlando.
Azure - September 2017 | Inside the Cloud
Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud platform continues to be a strong choice for companies like Dun & Bradstreet, Geico, and recently, Bank of America, who want to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud even while maintaining some on-premises infrastructure for legacy applications. With the new announcements, it’s clear that Microsoft is continuing to focus on strengthening its Azure cloud platform as it works to keep pace with its main competitor, Amazon Web Services.
Ben Lambert, our resident Microsoft Azure expert, will dig into the top 10 Azure announcements that you need to know about, including:

  • How to use the new PowerShell for Cloud Shell, now in public preview.
  • Why you need to immediately check out the new Azure DDos Protection service.
  • Speaking of security, learn how to use its Azure Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks for layered defense.
  • How the new Azure Migrate service can help move your on-premises VMs and databases to the cloud.
  • How to use Azure File Sync to sync Azure files to an on-premises Windows server.
  • What the new porting of Azure Functions to .NET Core 2.0 means for developers.
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