Introducing the New Enterprise Integrations & API Control Center

Connect directly to the Cloud Academy platform to simplify sign on, enhance training, and improve security |

We know it’s a pain to remember complex passwords. And it’s a security risk to write them down. But we’ve still seen countless sticky notes hung on desks and “hidden” under keyboards, containing multiple secure usernames and passwords. Am I right?

That’s why Cloud Academy’s Product Development Team has been working hard to make it easier for enterprise users to complete training, while improving security.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Enterprise Integrations and API Control Center.  

New UI features

  1. Integration Panel: Listing of Cloud Academy’s current and future enterprise integrations.
  2. Enterprise Integrations Support: Single sign-on (SSO) integration with Okta.
  3. API Panel: Generates API Keys and provides access to Cloud Academy API documentation.


Here are some reasons that you’ll want to check it out:

  • Improve security
  • Self-generate secure API keys
  • Overcome barriers with sign-on issues or password resets
  • Help your team complete more training
  • Enhance user experience by connecting directly to Cloud Academy services

Take a look at the new features in action.

Cloud Academy Enterprise Integrations Panel

Settings & Integrations 

The “Settings & Integrations” tab was previously titled “Settings,” and those options have moved to the “Company Details” section.

Company Details

Admins can configure company info (e.g., logo, name, website, etc.) and customize the default invitation message that will be sent to new users.


This section includes Cloud Academy’s current and future enterprise integrations. Our strategy is to enable admins to integrate Cloud Academy training data — such as training progress — within their organization’s existing business systems, tools, and processes.

We currently support SSO with SAML and Okta, and we expect to have many more enterprise integrations published over the year.


The API section is a starting point where admins will find the API documentation to integrate Cloud Academy services within their organization. The comprehensive API documentation has a “try now” feature that allows developers to test the API directly from the page. To get started, admins simply need to generate new API keys.

Currently, Cloud Academy supports a reduced set of public APIs (our Learning Management System API). We are working on extending our available APIs to cover all company account operations.

Getting Started

Current customers and partners can start using the new Enterprise Integrations & API Control Center immediately from the Cloud Academy platform. If you have questions, contact your customer success manager.

If you are not yet a Cloud Academy customer, browse our Training Library. Our platform helps businesses develop the critical thinking skills and common language required to select and deploy technology, optimize decision making, and improve business outcomes. If you would like to learn more about deploying Cloud Academy at your organization, request a demo or get started with a small team today.

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