Investing in Tech Skills for the Long Term: Daniel Ferrer

Daniel Ferrer is a software engineer who takes advantage of great opportunities. He started training with Cloud Academy years ago, and his current employer has a Learning & Development budget, which allowed him to get a yearly plan on Cloud Academy.

Yearly vs. monthly commitments

What can you accomplish in a year that you can’t in a month? Daniel feels that a yearly plan is a good investment in himself. He finds the longer commitment makes it easier to stick to his training plan because he can visualize earning a certification or other goals in the space of a year.

Favorite parts of Cloud Academy

Daniel likes the framework of learning paths. They provide structure for learning when so much else (work, life, etc.) can easily get in the way. He’s using our Google Cloud certification learning paths to get ready for an exam in a couple of months.

Another small thing that’s a big plus for Daniel is our mobile app. With it, he can watch courses on the go and can instantly push content from the platform to his phone without missing a thing.

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