Join us at AWS Summit London, 28 June 2017!

AWS Summit London 2017

This year’s AWS Summit in London is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of cloud computing. The event kicks off on Wednesday, June 28 at the ICC Capital Hall in London.

With a keynote, 45 breakout sessions, and a variety of activities packed into the agenda, you’ll want to plan ahead to make the most of your day. Cloud Academy is here to help. Our Cloud Evangelist Alex Casalboni and our AWS trainer and security specialist Stuart Scott will be attending the event, and they’ve shared the sessions and activities that they will be looking forward to during the day.

As a proud sponsor of AWS Summit London, you can find us in booth #S7  throughout the event. We’ll have a special giveaway that you won’t want to miss! Read on for the sessions and events that we’re looking forward to, and how to connect with us at the show.

  1. Keynote. AWS CTO Werner Vogels will be on hand to deliver the kick-off keynote address with Gavin Jackson, Managing Director, AWS UK and Ireland at 9.45 a.m. Vogels is known for announcing new services in his keynotes, so we’re expecting (and hoping) to hear some exciting news in this session.
  2. Security sessions. At AWS Summits, the breakout sessions cover a range of new and existing AWS solutions delivered by subject matter experts or customers sharing their real-world experiences. The London summit has five blocks of nine sessions each spread out over the course of the day. That’s over 45 sessions to choose from!

If you’re interested in services and techniques for ensuring secure workloads on AWS, (who isn’t?), our security expert Stuart Scott has several security-related sessions on his agenda:

  • Security at Scale with AWS, by Dave Walker, Security Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services: The first breakout session of the day, starting at 11.50 a.m.
  • Advanced techniques for DDos Mitigation and Web Application Defense: This session will look at some of the advanced techniques for protecting and monitoring AWS networks & resources using services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Web Application Firewall, and Amazon Shield. Led by Andrew Kane, Solutions Architect, AWS.
  • Automating Security in Cloud Workload with DevSecOps by Chris McCurdy, Global Solutions Architect, AWS: A great session for security engineers and other professionals who want to learn how to use a DevSecOps approach to design and build robust security controls at cloud-scale.
  1. Deep Dive sessions. As part of the breakout sessions, these advanced sessions go deep into architecture and code. Alex is looking forward to learning about new services such as AWS CodeStar, AWS X-Ray, Amazon Athena, etc. Here are the deep dive sessions on his agenda:
  • Getting Started with AWS Lambda and the Serverless Cloud with Ian Massingham Chief Evangelist, EMEA Amazon Web Services. In addition to talking about Lambda basics, this session will introduce some of the other AWS services that you can use to build serverless applications with Lamba, such as Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Step Functions.
  • Deep Dive on AWS X-Ray with Randall Hunt, Technical Evangelist, AWS: This session promises a live demo of a new service, AWS X-Ray, a distributed tracing service that helps developers analyze and debug distributed applications. We’ve also taken a peek at X-Ray: Check out our post for an overview of the AWS X-Ray Distributed Tracing System.
  • Deep Dive on AWS CodeStar with Tara Walker, Technical Evangelist, AWS: AWS CodeStar can help you accelerate application delivery. This session offers a deep dive into how AWS CodeStar works, and how you can use it to quickly implement a CI/CD workflow.
  • Deep Dive on Serverless Application Development with Danilo Poccia, Technical Evangelist, AWS: More for serverless developers here! This session will talk about best practices for application lifecycle management, how to use AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CloudFormation to deploy serverless applications and more.
  1. Learn about the Amazon way. It’s always interesting to take a look under the hood to understand how a company works from the inside out. Alex has highlighted these two sessions related to Amazon culture on his list:  “Life at AWS” and “Startups Hiring the Amazon Way.”
  2. Win a Cloud Academy membership. In the Cloud Academy booth, we’re looking forward to connecting with you, our community members! We’ve got a cool new app in the works that will allow you to enter to win a Cloud Academy membership! Visit us in booth #S7 to talk about your favorite AWS services for a chance to win.

Throughout the day, the Cloud Academy team—our founder Stefano, Alex, Stuart, and Alessandro—will be in the booth to take your questions and discuss your cloud training requirements. You’ll be able to get a first-hand look at our courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes, and see the latest Cloud Academy content. We’ll also be on hand to demo our Cloud Academy for Enterprise platform to show you how Cloud Academy for Teams can help you build, develop, and update cloud skills across the enterprise.

See you at AWS Summit London!

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