New Course: Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines

As we continue to expand our content to cover more and more of the cloud computing world, Cloud Academy is excited to announce a brand new course on the Microsoft Azure platform by our in-house Azure expert, Ganapathi Subramanian. This course follows Ganapathi’s introduction to Azure which provided a great general overview. Now we’ll focus on the Azure Virtual Machines service, detailing its strengths, how it compares to other major cloud providers, and how to get started.

Azure Virtual Machine Load Balancing

Microsoft Azure is obviously one of the key platforms currently serving the cloud computing market, and Azure Virtual Machines – an IaaS computing platform – has been a critical addition to the service family. Ganapathi will introduce the Azure Virtual Machines service and its features, focusing on deploying Azure Windows and Linux virtual machines using Azure portal and PowerShell scripts, creating and managing custom Azure virtual machine images, configuring Azure virtual machines for high availability, understanding Azure virtual machine networking features, and configuring Azure virtual machines for monitoring and auto-scaling.

This course is aimed at people with relatively little familiarity with cloud computing or Azure, so anyone should be able to benefit. However, if you haven’t yet taken your first steps with the platform, you might want to join Ganapathi’s What is Azure? course before starting this course.

But whenever you’re ready, I’m sure you’ll be eager to get started with Azure Virtual Machines!

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