Top 5 Ways to Get Certified on new AWS Releases

The rapid growth of cloud has transformed the IT industry across the globe, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading the charge.

The cloud computing giant regularly introduces new services and updates to the roughly 200+ services offered by Amazon, creating a constant need for IT professionals to refresh their skill sets. As an AWS user, one of the best ways to stay current is to become certified on new AWS releases. 

In this blog post, we’ll outline five ways to get certified on the latest AWS releases. From choosing the right certification path to utilizing resources like Cloud Academy, here you will learn ways to prepare yourself to be a part of the world of certified AWS users.

Getting certified on the new AWS releases: What are the benefits?

In the dynamic world of cloud, getting certified on the latest releases provides a solid foundation for IT executives and their teams to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. And there are multiple benefits for both the individual and the organization.

Enhance technical proficiency 

AWS certifications are designed to validate technical skills and expertise across various domains. By pursuing certification on the new AWS releases, IT executives and their teams acquire in-depth knowledge of the latest AWS services, architecture patterns, security practices, and deployment methodologies. This enhanced technical proficiency enables professionals to design, build, and manage scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, resulting in improved performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, AWS certifications provide a common language and framework for IT teams to collaborate, communicate, and align their technical skills with organizational goals.

Boost Credibility and Career Opportunities

AWS certifications are highly regarded in the industry, and they serve as tangible proof of an individual’s expertise and dedication. By obtaining certifications on the new AWS releases, IT professionals demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. These certifications enhance their credibility and marketability, making them more attractive to potential employers and clients. Moreover, AWS certifications open up a plethora of career opportunities, such as cloud architect, solutions architect, DevOps engineer, and security specialist, as organizations increasingly seek certified professionals to lead their cloud initiatives.

Maximize AWS Utilization and Optimize Costs 

AWS offers a wide range of services, each with its own nuances and optimizations. Certification on the latest AWS releases equips IT executives and their teams with the knowledge and skills to utilize AWS services to their full potential. Understanding the intricacies of the latest releases enables professionals to architect scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient solutions. By optimizing AWS resource utilization, organizations can reduce operational costs, achieve better ROI, and make informed decisions when it comes to service selection, provisioning, and capacity planning.

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How to stay up-to-date with the AWS news and releases?

With new AWS updates and releases coming out daily, they can be a challenge to keep up with. Thankfully, there are several resources available that can help you stay informed. One such resource is an AWS aggregator, which collects all the latest AWS news in one place, making it easier to stay current. By making regular check-ins on an AWS aggregator, you can be sure that you’re aware of all the latest AWS news. 

Another way to stay informed is to follow AWS on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. The company regularly posts updates about their releases and events, which can help you stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, subscribing to AWS newsletters and blogs can also help you stay in the know on the latest developments.

However, keeping up with the latest AWS releases is only half the battle. Getting certified on these new releases is equally important. By obtaining an AWS certification, you and your team can showcase expertise and proficiency in working with the latest AWS technologies. 

5 ways to get certified on the new AWS releases

From new machine learning features to improved storage capabilities, the latest AWS releases provide opportunities to improve efficiency and better meet business needs. Whether you’re interested in Amazon SageMaker or AWS Fargate, the company’s new releases are varied and frequent, making it essential for IT teams to stay in learning mode. Getting certified is a great way to ensure that you and your team are always current and able to leverage the latest technologies for your business. 

So, how can you and your team get certified in the latest AWS releases? Here are the top 5 ways:

# 1 Attend AWS training courses

AWS offers a wide range of courses to help you gain expertise in the latest AWS releases and prepare for certification exams. Amazon offers both digital and classroom training. Their digital subscriptions unlock exclusive access to training, learning games, labs, practice exams, and more. Whether you are just starting out, building on existing IT skills, or sharpening your cloud knowledge, AWS Training and Certification can help you be more effective and do more in the cloud.

# 2 Join AWS certification bootcamps

AWS certification bootcamps offer both online and in-person comprehensive training programs designed to help you prepare for certification exams. These immersive learning experiences combine theory and practical learning into a rigorous program that will equip you with the skills and tools to advance your business and career.

# 3 Use AWS learning paths

AWS learning paths provide a guided approach to mastering the latest AWS releases and gaining certification. AWS learning paths like the ones offered by Cloud Academy, are taught by accredited AWS expert instructors with deep technical expertise. Each learning path contains Courses, Hands-on Labs, Assessments, and a Final Exam. 

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# 4 Engage with AWS partners 

The AWS partner network is a global community of partners that leverage programs, expertise, and resources to provide valuable training and support services to help you get certified on the latest AWS releases. 

This diverse network features 100,000 partners, like Cloud Academy, from more than 150 countries. As an AWS Partner, we are uniquely positioned to help learners take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

#5 Use AWS training resources

AWS offers a range of training resources, including labs, exercises, and simulations, to help you gain hands-on experience with the latest AWS releases and prepare for certification exams.

Choosing the Right Certification Path

There are several AWS certifications available, and each certification path serves a different purpose. Choosing the right one is critical for both individuals and teams to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to use the latest AWS releases. 

The AWS certification path can be divided into three categories: Foundational, Associate, and Professional. Each of these paths has different requirements and prerequisites, and you can choose the one that suits your needs and goals. 

The Foundational certifications are the perfect place to start for those who are new to the AWS platform. This certification validates your understanding of AWS cloud computing concepts, best practices, and architectures. 

Associate-level certifications are recommended for individuals who have some experience with AWS and are looking to enhance their skills further. Associate-level certifications validate your ability to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform. 

Professional-level certifications are the most advanced AWS certifications and are ideal for experienced AWS professionals. They validate your advanced technical skills and expertise in designing and implementing complex AWS solutions. 

Choosing the right certification path for your team can be a challenging task. It requires careful planning and consideration of your organization’s goals and objectives. The best way to start is by evaluating your team’s current skills and experience. Once you have identified the skills gap, you can decide which certification path would be best suited to your team’s needs. In addition to considering your team’s current skills and experience, you should also take into account the AWS services and technologies that your organization uses or plans to use in the future.

Get certified on the new AWS releases with Cloud Academy

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Our courses

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The Cloud Academy advantage

Cloud Academy combines hands-on experience with real-world scenarios, allowing you to apply what you have learned in a practical setting. Additionally, our online platform provides a flexible and convenient learning experience, where you can learn at your own pace and access the course material at any time, from anywhere.

Lastly, Cloud Academy provides certification practice exams to prepare you or your team for the official AWS certification exam. These exams are designed to help you identify areas where you need improvement and to simulate the actual exam experience, increasing your chances of passing on the first attempt. Enrolling in Cloud Academy’s AWS certification courses is an efficient way to get certified on the latest AWS releases.

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