Cloud Certifications

Prepare your team for certification and beyond

Cloud Academy’s certification paths, that blend quality instruction with hands-on practice, are simply the best way to prepare your teams for certification — and the real world.

You’ll know who’s ready to get the job done with a complete skills profile for each learner. Plus, learners applaud our up-to-the-minute certification paths that blend quality instruction with hands-on practice.

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Cloud Academy

Certify and prepare for real-world goals

Align on certification goals.
Don’t lose track of your team’s cloud certification goals. Create a certification training program for your learners, then easily enroll and track progress toward scheduled exam dates.

Use hands-on labs to make pass rates soar.
Get real-time practice in live cloud environments with labs. Guided labs, lab challenges, or lab playgrounds – we’ve got you covered through every stage of your cloud certification learning journey. 

Leverage leaderboards.
Tap into your team’s competitive side with cloud certification leaderboards that display everyone’s scores in real time.

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Cloud Academy is the smarter way to a smarter team

Are you empowering your teams to close skills gaps and learn, practice, and master everything multi-cloud? 

Fortune 500 companies, innovative businesses, leading universities, and more choose Cloud Academy to grow cloud skills, retain valuable employees, and generate more business value from the cloud. Cloud Academy customers have seen real benefits, including:

  • 135% increase in employee certifications using certification prep learning paths that include hands-on labs.
  • 50-60% reduction in time-to-market for products by connecting data science to cloud technologies
  • 20-30% estimated savings in cloud/IT costs by training people to move applications to the cloud

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