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Transformative learning for tech and marketing

Achieve learning transformation for your tech and marketing workforce. Your people gain key skills through a smart learning platform, custom hands-on labs, unrivaled customer services, and in-house learning content that is tailored to your business modernization goals.

Personalized, relevant tech training at scale

The right tech and marketing skills to achieve digital transformation

Easily assess team proficiency and skill gaps

Bridge the digital skills gap

87% of executives say they are experiencing a skill gap in their organization. Bridge the gap with assessments that measure practical skills, courses that build knowledge, and interactive labs and tests that prove competency.

Offer hands-on training that translates into business growth

Put your people at the center of training

We tailor training to your business needs and your people’s skill levels. Our powerful tech assessments make personalized, role-based learning easy and relevant for your technology teams. And our quick pretests help marketing and sales people see their knowledge grow.

Track the proven skills readiness of each individual and team

Let us manage your training programs

You’ve got enough on your plate. Our unrivaled services team will handle not just reporting and program management, but also your customized learning paths, live or VILT training sessions, and more to drive impactful learning transformation

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Cloud Academy is the only smart, hand-on, collaborative learning platform for tech, marketing, and digital teams. See some of what it can do for you!

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James Dawson, GlobalMed Vice President of Information Technology

James Dawson

Vice President of Information Technology, GlobalMed

The Hands-on Labs and training content are all worth the price of admission and translate into both career and business growth. The value of the experience is second to none.

Stay ahead of tech, marketing, and digital trends

Everyone is talking about AI, but are skills gaps in your company preventing you from harnessing it in a safe and cost-effective way? Discover the best way to learn all things AI, GenAI, and Machine Learning. Ask about our VILT (live) sessions for leaders, our self-paced courses for business professionals and marketers, and our hands-on lab scenarios designed for tech teams.

Solutions - Trusted content from battle-proven experts

Learn from battle-proven experts

No ivory tower here! Cloud Academy’s in-house content experts are plucked from the top ranks Fortune 500 companies. Their real-world experience with mission-critical projects is seamlessly translated into over 40,000 hours of self-paced courses, and 1,000+ hand-on labs, and dozens of VILT courses and certifications. All curated for every stage of your marketing and IT modernization journey.

Solutions Overview - Develop and deploy in the cloud

Grow hands-on, proven skills

It’s the most fun way to learn. Marketing and sales teams rave about our engaging, high-quality courses and interactions that teach skills in a practical way. Tech teams claim that Cloud Academy’s cloud and coding labs, playgrounds, and challenges are simply the best.

Solutions Overview - Security made simple… not scary

Track and measure learning

Learning isn’t about the time spent in training. It’s about new skills and knowledge gainedThat’s why we measure knowledge uplift and skill growth in our Cloud Academy platform. So you know exactly who’s ready for action, based on their quiz and lab results.

Solutions Overview - Cloud learning for all skill levels

Develop digital skills, from beginner to expert

Is your business still adapting to the digital-first world? Or ready to implement marketing and IT expert practices? Cloud Academy’s library is with you every step of the way. Start with Omnichannel Essentials, Data Literacy, eCommerce Essentials, or Cloud Literacy. Or dive into AI for Marketing Best Practice and advanced certifications for AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, Kubernetes, and others.

Partners you can trust

Cloud Academy is a QA company. Ask us about our QA partnerships.

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Cloud & tech certification at scale

Customers have achieved 135% or more of their yearly certification goals with Cloud Academy. How? It’s a mix of our always-current content, our hands-on labs, and our battle-proven experts who sit for the exams themselves to provide realistic mock examinations. And yes – our experts are available for realtime, vILT exam prep as well!

See how AXA XL gained certification readiness

Frequently Asked Questions


What features do you offer to manage training at scale?

Skill Assessments in written and lab (hands-on) formats to test potential hires, baseline existing staff, take a practice certification exam, or guide hyper-relevant learning journeys based on what the learner already knows.

Smart Learning Paths packed with always-current courses, quizzes, and labs. We include public learning paths (for certification prep, upskilling, or first-time learning) as well as private “training programs” curated for your organization’s specific needs. With video content, translations, transcripts, and extra resources to dive deep.

Hands-on labs include a robust selection of cloud labs, coding labs, and hybrid labs (plus Lab Maker to customize your own labs). These are purpose-built to develop and validate new technical skills that your team can immediately transfer to the workplace – without worrying about incurring costs or breaking software in a live environment.

Intelligent Analytics and reporting that track not just course completion, but realtime skills growth and skill proficiency. Using our unique skill assessment technology, Cloud Academy calculates the skill levels of each user based on their performance in exams, quizzes, and lab challenges – then creates a Skill Profile Dashboard based on the proven skills of your staff.

Enterprise customization to tailor learning to your company’s exact personas and way of working. Add your own proprietary content, clone and modify our courses and labs, or remix training programs to meet your exact timelines and requirements.

How do you support learning engagement and customization needs?

Cloud Academy is committed to your successful implementation and adoption of learning. Each customer is paired with a Customer Success Manager with expertise in reducing time-to-value, improving learning efficiency through training content curation, and engaging users through a blend of communication, best practice, and live events.
In addition, our team of Success Services experts are available to work with you to tailor content and learning journeys, conduct adoption and gamified events, and provide deep subject matter expertise in core cloud technologies as well as help your learners prepare and sit for a certification exam. This ramps up engagement through hyper-relevant self-paced learning and exciting instructor-led learning events.

How do you ensure content is up-to-date? What is your retirement policy?

Unlike most technical training providers, Cloud Academy content isn’t regularly retired due to a content license expiration or related issue. Instead, content is seamlessly updated –without any impact on progress or learners. This is because we use in-house content creators with proven expertise in their subject areas and a professional investment in ensuring all content is current.
For example, our team regularly updates Azure and AWS certifications whenever the cloud service provider makes a change to the examination. We provide in-app notifications that the content will be replaced in the near future due to a change in exam, then redirect users once the new exam is available (but never interrupting progress on the current exam.) As another example, our team spends up to 20% of their time updating our hands-on labs to stay current with the latest Cloud Provider services which is why we have text-based lab guidance, so we can seamlessly add updates without interrupting users who are currently practicing in a live environment.