Create a Talent Marketplace

Build your tech talent marketplace with skills analytics

Capture, track, and share tech skills data across your organization. See exactly who has the skills required for a project, and which teams are just an upskilling course away.

Create a talent marketplace

Tech talent grows on its own, when it has the right skills training

What counts as a skill that can be deployed? Proven ones, of course! And only Cloud Academy training can produce data on proven skills – tested via scenario-based labs and exams.

Track skill gains, not completion rates

Track skill gains, not completion rates

Know if your staff are ready for the real world. Cloud Academy is the only platform that measures skills based on real-world performance in hands-on labs and exams.

Align employees to projects with the power of AI

Align employees to projects with the power of AI

Got a project that requires specific skills? Our skill-based analytics will surface the right teams and people who can get the job done – or let you know if you’ve got a skill gap!

Link skills growth to business results

Link skills growth to business results

Get ready to generate more value in the cloud. Cloud Academy’s insights connect the dots to show how prioritized learning leads to reduced TCO, faster project delivery, and increased revenue.

See skill-based analytics in action!

Our award-winning Customer Success team provides full-service onboarding, configuration, custom uploads, KPI measurement, and ILT services just for you. (Well, for everyone. But it feels like it’s just for you.)

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Caroline Dumont

CE&S L&D Leader at Microsoft

The Cloud Academy’s platform allows us to quickly train and certify our support engineers on the complete portfolio of Microsoft products. We will use our resulting skills inventory data to intelligently assign our support incidents to the most qualified engineers, resulting in faster resolution times, higher throughput, and greater customer satisfaction.

Uncover your team’s multi-cloud knowledge

Uncover your team’s multi-cloud knowledge

Adding workloads, apps, or clients to another Cloud Service Provider? Quickly get a sense of your organization’s skills and gaps within AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

Executive-level insight into skill growth

Executive-level insight into skill growth

Need to provide line-of-sight to executive stakeholders? Not a problem. Our APIs and reports make it easy to pull Cloud Academy data into your reporting tool of choice.

Find job-ready employees for the task

Find job-ready employees for the task

Looking for staff with specific Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, or security know-how? Easily drill down to the precise skills required for the task to locate the best-qualified staff.

Only send qualified people to the exam

Got to certify your staff at scale? Easily surface the results of certification practice tests so you know who’s ready for the real exam.

Capture the landscape of your certified staff

Capture the landscape of your certified staff

Are you required to stay current for internal audits or external clients? A certification dashboard quickly reveals the makeup of your certified staff, so you can see what you have and stay ahead of expiring certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What out-of-the-box reports do you offer?

Besides our powerful intelligence dashboards, Cloud Academy includes out-of-the-box reports.
These are available as CSV exports for download:

Skill reports: understand training effectiveness. See each team and individual’s skill growth and proficiency levels across tech tools (like Docker & Kubernetes), cloud providers (like AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI & Alibaba), topics (like security & FinOps), and more.

Usage and progress reports: see how much time users are spending on content – and the progress they are making toward training completion. These are standard learning consumption reports.

Engagement and content reports: spotlight top performers and their content access, and identify inactive users who need additional help. Understand how content is being used – and see how your custom content is performing.

Certification and CPE reports: stay ahead of certification goals & expiring certifications with our report. Plus, leverage the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit report to monitor which staff are earning credits.

Do you provide certificates or badges upon the completion of courses?

Yes! Cloud Academy offers certificates when learning paths are completed. In addition, we empower organizations to offer and track CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits, which some customers use to incentivize staff further.

Can you provide custom reports?

In many cases, yes. Talk to us about what you need! For more on customization, view our Customize Your Way page.

Do you offer APIs to integrate your platform with our existing systems?

Cloud Academy offers APIs that allow seamless integration with your preferred systems, such as HR, LMS, and Business Intelligence solutions. Our API contains calls that to let you do things like access the Cloud Academy library, retrieve skill progress or consumption data, and manage teams.