We Accelerate the Innovation Journey

Mainstream media may claim that the demise of human labor is upon us, but the future is quite the opposite. Humans will always be a critical part of the innovation journey, but the same cannot be said for organizations who play it safe.

Cloud Academy is committed to partnering with innovation-focused organizations that understand that building world-class teams requires:

Clear top-down vision from leadership about the importance of continuous improvement and technical excellence

Understanding of current forces that are shaping business outcomes, including technology adoption, competition, and organizational capability

The need for programmatic assessment, development, and alignment of resources, skills, and culture in order to bring innovative solutions to market

Our Platform is Redefining Training

Traditional approaches to training are no longer effective. Modern training must be practical, impactful, and measurable.

Digital skills are built at the intersection of knowledge, experience, and context. The fundamental building blocks of the training templates in our Library meet teams wherever they are along the cloud maturity curve, imparting the knowledge and experience needed to take them to the next level. Our training platform is intuitive and scalable. Most importantly, all training is easily customizable, which enables organizations to provide context and guidance for teams of any size. Teams leveraging Cloud Academy hit the ground running.

What’s at Stake?

Modern enterprises are stretched more than ever, challenged by a growing skills gap while under pressure to adopt new technologies and methodologies including DevOps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. Leaders understand that they must train and transform quickly or face demise.

We’re committed to serving as the trusted advisor on the innovation journey. With always-updated training content, our customers have peace-of-mind that cutting-edge innovation is within reach. The ability to manage and measure the digital skills portfolio at scale makes that cutting edge innovation a reality.

Join Our Global Team

With employees across eight countries and growing, Cloud Academy is a truly international company. We value diversity in thought, experience, and opinion. To learn more about the next team members we’re looking for visit our Careers page.