Release Notes

September 2020

Last updated 23 September 2020

Reports: User Usage Report Time Columns

Previously the User Usage Report contained columns to show how how many seconds the users had spent on content like courses, hands-on labs, and exams. Now, the report also contains columns to show the time spent on each kind of content in an HH:MM:SS format. The new columns are:

  • total_time_hhmmss
  • classroom_time_spent_hhmmss
  • course_time_spent_hhmmss
  • quiz_time_spent_hhmmss
  • exam_time_spent_hhmmss
  • lab_time_spent_hhmmss
  • resource_time_spent_hhmmss

The columns with the total number of seconds currently still appear in the report but will be retired in the future.

You can learn more about the User Usage Report on the Cloud Academy Help Center.

Training Plans: Individual Members Can Self-Assign

Previously, an administrator needed to assign a Training Plan to a team or individual member. Now, members can assign Training Plans to themselves. Members can choose among the existing Training Plans or design their own template using learning paths and exams in the content library. Members also choose the schedule and weekly commitment for completing the Training Plan.

You can learn more about Assigning Yourself a Training Plan in the Cloud Academy help center.

August 2020

Content Engine: Upload SCORM Packages

You can now upload SCORM content from your LMS into your Cloud Academy account so that your learners can have a one-stop shop for their job-related training. The new SCORM Content tab on the Resources screen in Content Engine makes it easy to add your SCORM courses to your library of content to include in custom learning paths and Training Plans.

You can learn more about Adding SCORM Packages in the Cloud Academy help center.

July 2020

Content Engine: Find Where Published Custom Items Are Used

In Content Engine, you can now easily find where custom learning paths, exams, questions, hands-on labs, and resources appear. If you open the item, you can choose List parents from the Actions menu to see where the item appears.

For example, the List parents window for a question shows the exams that contain that question.

You can learn more about learning paths, exams, questions, hands-on labs, and resources in the Cloud Academy help center.

Email Alerts: Stakeholders, in Addition to Admins, Receive Monthly Recap

Previously, only Administrator users received the Monthly Recap email about the Cloud Academy account. Now, Stakeholder users also receive the monthly recap.

Members: User ID added to Members.CSV

Now when you export member data from the Members screen, the spreadsheet you download includes a column for the User ID.

You can learn more about Managing Cloud Academy Members in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Due Date Time

Previously, you could see the date that a Training Plan was due, but not the time it was due on that day. Now you can hover your mouse over the due date anywhere it appears on the dashboard, the Training Plans screen, or in each Training Plan’s detail screen to see a tool tip with the time the Training Plan is due.

You can read more about Training Plans on the Cloud Academy help center.

June 2020

Training Plans: State Persistence in Search and Assignment Process

Previously if you searched for a Training Plan on the Training Plans screen, opened one of the Training Plans, and then closed it again, your search filter information would be reset. With this change, the system keeps your filter information.

Also, previously if you created a new team during the process of assigning a Training Plan, you would lose your progress to that point. Now, when you are done creating the team, the system keeps your progress and returns to the same point in the Training Plan assignment process.

You can read more about Training Plans in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Records for Deleted Teams Remain Available

Previously if you assigned a Training Plan to a team and later deleted the team, you would lose any record of the team’s progress through the Training Plans. Now, the Training Plans remain available. Any reports about Training Plan consumption also include the information about the deleted team.

You can learn more about Managing Training Plans on the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Ended Status

Previously when a Training Plan passed its due date, it appeared as Complete on the dashboard, even if it was not 100% complete. With this change, these Training Plans appear as Ended.

You can read more about Training Plans in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Past Training Plan Dashboard Section

The Training Plan tab of the dashboard now contains a section where you can see your past Training Plans.

You can read more about Training Plans in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Clone Assigned Training Plan

You can now clone a Training Plan assignment. On the Settings tab of an assigned Training Plan, you can click the Clone button. The workflow to assign a Training Plan appears with the current Training Plan selected. You can make changes to the Training Plan at that point, or assign it as-is.

You can read more about Managing Training Plans in the Cloud Academy help center.

Lab Challenges: Detach IDE to a Separate Tab

You can now get more space for your IDE when you are completing a lab challenge in a code environment. Use this icon to detach the IDE into its own tab. Any changes you already made travel to the new tab. Close the new tab to go back to the original view.

You can learn more about Lab Challenges in the Cloud Academy help center.

Members: Email Alert When Your Download Is Ready

With this improvement, you can start downloading your member data and leave the Members screen. When the file is ready, the application sends you an email.

We corrected a bug with this functionality that prevented the CSV download from starting automatically in the browser. We also corrected a bug with CSV downloads where downloading multiple CSVs in the same session caused the first CSV to always be generated.

You can learn more about Managing Cloud Academy Members in the Cloud Academy help center.

Search: Ability to Search Members in More Places

Previously, several pop-up windows available from the Members screen did not feature the ability to search. With this improvement, the following windows now have a search bar:

  • The window that appears when you hover mover the Invite Members button and choose Add Members to a Team.

  • The window that appears when you click the button with the vertical row of three dots next to a member and choose Add to Team.
  • The window that appears when you click the button with the vertical row of three dots next to a member and choose Move to Team.

  • The window that appears when you select the checkbox next to one or more members, then click the Actions button and choose Add to Team.
  • The window that appears when you select the checkbox next to one or more members, then click the Actions button and choose Move to Team.

You can learn more about Managing Cloud Academy Members in the Cloud Academy help center.

Bug Fixes, Error Code Clarifications, and Performance Improvements

This month, the Cloud Academy team performed an audit of the product. The audit uncovered opportunities to optimize user interactions, clarify error code messages, and improve system performance for enterprise customers. Many of these changes were subtle, so you probably will just notice the user interface feeling cleaner and more responsive.

Library: Lab Challenges and Lab Playgrounds Get Their Own Headings

This minor change to the Training Library navigation makes it easier to differentiate traditional hands-on labs, lab challenges, and lab playgrounds. Previously, all three kinds of labs were mixed together under the Labs heading.

You can read more about the Different Content Types in Cloud Academy and Labs specifically in the Cloud Academy help center.

Reports: Training Plan Consumption Report

A new report in the Reports screen lets administrators of enterprise accounts see a complete list of all the Training Plans that users have started in the account. You can run the Training Plan Consumption report for the entire company, a team, or a single user and receive the results as a CSV or XLSX file. It contains a row for each time a Training Plan was assigned to a user.

You can learn more about the Training Plan Consumption Report in the Cloud Academy help center.

May 2020

Content Engine: Skill Suggestions in Custom Questions

Cloud Academy now suggests relevant related skills when you create custom questions through Content Engine. The algorithm does not rely on a string match with the name of skill, but rather semantically analyses the text of the Question, Answers, and Explanation to suggest skills that follow the pattern.

The current model is quite conservative and does not suggest skills unless there is a high probability that they are correct. You can learn more about Creating Custom Questions for Exams in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Skills

You can now see how completing a Training Plan affected a team’s Skill Profile by using the Skills tab on the Training Plan Detail screen.

You can learn more about Training Plans in the Cloud Academy help center.

Teams: Training Plan History

A new tab on the Teams detail page shows the history of Training Plans that the team has completed. This tab lists all previous and current Training Plans and shows their status, progress, average score, start date, due date, and other information.

You can read more about the Teams page in the Cloud Academy help center.

Training Plans: Create a Custom Training Plan without Content Engine

Creating custom content in Cloud Academy usually requires using Content Engine. However, now enterprise administrators can also create custom Training Plans right on the Training Plan screen as part of the assigning process.

You can learn more about Creating a Custom Training Plan without Content Engine in the Cloud Academy help center.

Mobile App: Send Course in Progress to Your Phone

Starting a course on your desktop computer through the web platform and finishing it on your mobile app is now very easy, thanks to the new Send to your phone button. If you haven’t already installed the app on your mobile device, tapping this button presents a window where you can request a text message or email with a magic link to download the app. When the app is installed and you’ve logged in, an alert appears on your device that you can tap and pick up the course where you left off.

You can learn more about Downloading Content to Access Offline on the Cloud Academy help center.

Custom Learning Paths: Make Edits to Published Learning Paths Without Unpublishing

Previously, if you needed to change a published learning path, you had to unpublish the learning path first. Unpublishing can be very inconvenient if the learning path is already part of a Training Plan and your members are already working on it.

With this change, you can edit a published learning path without unpublishing. The changes you make will be visible to members the next time they log in to their Cloud Academy account.

You can learn more about editing Custom Learning Paths on the Cloud Academy help center.

April 2020

Training Plans: New Team Members Remain in On Track Status

If a team has an assigned Training Plan and you add a new member to that team, the new member is automatically assigned the Training Plan. Previously if the Training Plan was close to the due date when you added the new member, the new member might immediately appear in X days behind status and begin getting reminder emails from the system.

With this enhancement, new members remain in On Track status even if the due date is close. In the following image, you can see that the status is On Track, even though the Training Plan is In progress and the user has Not started the Training Plan.

You can read more about Managing Training Plans on the Cloud Academy help center.

March 2020

Training Plans: Assign Multiple to a Team, Assign to a Single Learner, and More

Training Plans are a major feature of the Cloud Academy platform for enterprise accounts. Training Plans help you orient and direct your teams through Cloud Academy’s massive training library by giving them objectives and schedules. The Training Plan gives you convenient, centralized insight into each team’s progress and helps you with automated notifications and nudges for learners who fall behind the schedule.

As an administrator or team leader, you may already be well acquainted with how Training Plans help you drive training within your enterprise. With the enhancements in this release, you’ll notice a streamlined interface where it is much easier to search, filter, create, and customize your Training Plans. Training Plans are keeping all the functionality that you depend on while also adding some important improvements:

  • Assign multiple Training Plans to a team
    Previously, you had to wait until a team completed one Training Plan before you could assign the next. This was especially inconvenient if some team members completed the Training Plan early but couldn’t had to wait for the rest of the team before advancing. With this release, you can queue Training Plans for team members to complete one after the other.
  • Assign a Training Plan to a single member
    You can now assign a Training Plan directly to a single member of your team rather than assigning it to the whole team.
  • See skills associated with the Training Plan
    The Training Plan screen now clearly shows you which skills are affected by the Training Plan.
  • Let anyone monitor the Training Plan
    You can now subscribe any user in your Cloud Academy account to receive the progress status of the Training Plan.

Training Plans are available only in Enterprise accounts, and the feature enhancements are available to administrators and team leaders. You may not see these changes in your account yet because these enhancements are being rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. You can read more about Training Plans in the Cloud Academy Help Center.

Playground Labs

This new type of lab gives you access to an environment to explore and experiment. Like other kinds of labs, playground labs are an interactive learning tool where you do not need your own account credentials to access the environment that you’re learning about. Unlike other kinds of labs, playground labs do not include objectives. Instead, playground labs let you explore your own ideas, follow along with Cloud Academy courses, or answer your own questions through experimentation.

Read more about playground labs in the Cloud Academy Help Center.

February 2020

Streamlining IDE & CLI Hands-On Labs
Currently, when you start a hands-on lab that uses an integrated development environment (IDE) or command-line interface (CLI), you have to log in to a cloud console, such as an AWS portal, and find the IP address to connect. This enhancement streamlines the process. With this release, you can simply click a link in the lab to open a connected browser tab automatically.

This feature is being rolled out gradually. Over the coming weeks you will see each of the hands-on labs and lab challenges change to use the streamlined approach.

Read more about hands-on labs and lab challenges in the Cloud Academy Help Center.

January 2020

In the last part of 2019, we focused our development efforts on three major initiatives:

  • Feature parity between the mobile app and the desktop experience. Now, people who use Cloud Academy through the mobile device can do everything that desktop users can do in the product, except for hands-on labs and lab challenges. The labs integrate with outside software that might not support mobile devices, so these features still require a desktop environment.
  • Improving the performance of our services. If you’ve been using our products for a while, you probably noticed that the user experience is now much faster on both mobile and web.
  • Safeguarding your privacy. We now support the strict privacy requirements of specific countries like Germany. Those advanced privacy features are available to all enterprise customers and can be enabled by your customer success manager. We continue enhancing the strength of our offerings to make sure that our system remains compliant and your personal data stays safe.

Notable and Upcoming:

  • Clone Labs and Exams: Clone and customize Labs and Exams to quickly adapt them to your organization’s technology stack.

Release Notes v7.97 (Aug 19, 2019)

  • You can now assign Training Plan right after a team has been created. After talking with a few customers, we made improvements to our team onboarding flow. You don’t need to wait for assignment completion after a team is created. You can directly assign a Training Plan on day 1.

Release Notes v7.96 (Aug 6, 2019)

  • You can now clone and modify all Cloud Academy labs in a few quick steps in Content Engine. Delivering advanced hands-on training customized to your company’s technology stack is now much easier and faster with our Labs cloning technology.

Release Notes v7.86 (Jun 3, 2019)

  • New Congratulation Email for Completed Learning Paths: We’ve redesigned this congratulatory email: all the most important functionality is just 1-click away!
    • Download Cloud academy Certificate.
    • Provide Feedback.
    • Discover and start new Learning Paths related to the completed one.
  • iOS Performance Improvements: Browsing our iOS app is now noticeably faster.
  • Exam “Discard” Function Added: Based on conversations with many customers, we enabled the ability for learners to discard exams without submitting them.

Release Notes v7.85 (May 28, 2019)

  • Okta SSO Now Available: You can now connect Cloud Academy with Okta in a few clicks.
  • New Settings & Integration Panel: Current and future enterprise integrations & APIs can now be enabled in the Settings & Integration panel which includes:
    • An Integration section with available connectors.
    • An API Panel for generating API Keys and accessing our API doc.
    • Our LMS API is now available to all customers.
  • Exam Explanations Now Available for All Exams: We’ve enable explanations for all questions at the end of an exam session. Learners can now:
    • See immediately what questions they got right or wrong.
    • Understand where they need to focus their efforts to improve.
  • Configure SSO during admin onboarding: Deploying Enterprise software is rarely a fast and painless process. Our onboarding wizard enables admin to configure Cloud Academy and deploy hundreds of seats in less than 30 minutes. Today, we’ve added SSO configuration as an optional part of the onboarding wizard. Configuring SSO right in the onboarding wizard enable frictionless authentication for all the users you’re adding to your Cloud Academy deployment.

Release Notes v7.83 (May 14, 2019)

  • Training Plan Objectives: Easily connect Training Plan Cycles with your organization’s initiatives.
  • New Bulk Actions for resending invites and adding members to teams now available in the management dashboard.

Release Notes v7.80 (May 6, 2019)

  • New Exam Creation UI: After carefully listening to customer feedback, we’ve made it much easier to create and release Exams in Content Engine. It’s now faster than ever to test your teams with your own exams. Try it out here.

Release Notes v7.76 (Apr 17, 2019)

  • SSO: We know you love our customer success manager. We do too. But, now, you can enable and configure SSO for your company under settings without going through Customer Success.

Release Notes v7.75 (Apr 14, 2019)

  • Sometimes key people need to know, but don’t necessarily need to have read and write access. Individuals in the Stakeholder role can now view Assessment Cycles and Training Plan Cycles in read-only mode.
  • Major improvements to our javascript code for noticeably faster page loads across our website.
  • All Enterprise accounts have been upgraded to the shiny new teams and members management experience.

Release Notes v7.73 (Apr 08, 2019)

  • Some of you have gotten ahead of training accountability issues by implementing CPE (Continuing Professional Education) programs. Now you can track CPE credits across our entire Training Library. Read more here.
  • Pause labs: Complex labs can be difficult to complete in one sitting. Select long-lasting labs can now be paused and resumed at a later time.

Release Notes v7.71 (Mar 29, 2019)

  • Create GCP and Azure Labs in Content Engine. You can now create Labs from all the main Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Release Notes v7.70 (Mar 25, 2019)

  • Create Custom Skills for your content. Our Customer Success team can now customize skills for your organization. Reach out to your customer success manager for more information.

Release Notes v7.68 (Mar 18, 2019)

  • Training Plan Leaderboard: We added a leaderboard to end user’s Training Plan dashboards to encourage some friendly competition.

Release Notes v7.54 (Mar 11, 2019)

Enterprise Backend 

  • Released several improvements around new user onboarding and license management.

Release Notes v7.53 (Mar 4, 2019)

Training Plans

  • Bug fixes to correct a mismatch between Exam progress and score.

Content Engine 

  • Released a new UI update that enables easier editing when creating new questions.

Release Notes v7.52 (Feb 25, 2019)

Skill Profiles User Interface Update

  • Additional updates to the Skill Profiles UI improve how skills growth is displayed when new team members are added or removed.
  • New dashboard provides a better method for identifying organization strengths, skills gaps, and training opportunities.

Updates to Assessments: We’ve extended the timer on Quizzes and Exams so users aren’t as rushed to provide their answers.

  • Bug fixes and updates to Exams and Quizzes APIs.

Release Notes v7.51 (Feb 18, 2019)

Updated User Management and Deployment Experience

  • We began the rollout of a streamlined user management and deployment experience to all accounts. You’ll find a more powerful, re-designed Teams and Members page together with a seamless Team onboarding experience built to simplify the team assessment and training process.
  • If you have any questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, read our FAQ, or watch the demo video.

Release Notes v7.50 (Feb 11, 2019)

Send Nudges Automatically

  • Training Plans: Admins and Team managers can now enable the platform to send Nudges automatically when users fall behind. This is enabled during the final Training Plan assignment stage after a weekly time commitment is selected, or in the Training Plan “Manage” section.
  • When enabled, the platform sends Nudge emails automatically on your behalf to assignees who are significantly behind or inactive during a rolling 7-day period. No more than three automatic Nudges will be sent to an assignee over the course of a Training Plan Cycle. Automatic Nudges are never sent more than once per week.

Updated Skill Profiles Dashboard

  • Updated Skill Profiles dashboard offers enhancements that enable organizations to measure skill growth, compare across the organization, and better identify existing skills gaps.
  • Updated UI provides a better snapshot of an organization’s skill capabilities
  • Admins and managers can segment across multiple teams, domains/job role, and tools. Up to 5 nodes can be compared at once, up from 3 previously.
  • Visualize skill capabilities by competency level  
  • A chart that shows the learning curve over time, from the start of use to today. The dates can be customized as well.

Dashboard re-styling

  • UI restyling for the end-user dashboard: we’ve updated the end-user dashboard UI to keep end-users focused on learning and give them an overview of their total learning.

Release Notes v7.49 (Feb 4, 2019)

Content Engine: Content Engine for Training Plans available

  • Admins can now create and update Training Plans in Content Engine
  • Clone existing Training Plans directly from the Training Plans assignment page
  • A few formatting fixes and new formatting options available in Content Engine WYSIWYG editor

Release Notes v7.47 (Jan 28, 2019)

Hands-on Labs: Skill Profiles integration now released

  • All Hands-on Labs now have validation. To get completion credit for the Hands-on Lab, you must validate your work at the conclusion of the exercise, otherwise, you will not get credit (this includes Learning Paths too).
  • Completed Hands-on Labs affect Skill Profile scores.

 Release Notes v7.41 (Jan 7th, 2019)

Assessments: Email notifications will now go out to users to remind them to take their assessment prior to starting their Training Plan. Notifications will be sent 2 and 6 days after the assessment is assigned.

Release Notes v7.39 (Dec 20th, 2018)

Content Engine: Custom Resources on-the-fly released, enabling administrators to upload files from Learning Paths.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • An email will now be sent to users who are still active on Training Plans about to expire.

Release Notes v7.38 (Dec 14th, 2018)

Hands-on Labs: 9 Hands-on Labs are now available with Assessment. Users are now evaluated based on their ability to successfully operate in the cloud.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • We optimized the header menu so users can easily navigate the website.
  • We made some bug fixes to Content Engine to optimize for speed and usage.

Release Notes v7.37 (Dec 7th, 2018) 

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • We made a change in Training Plans that will optimize how users are displayed.

Release Notes v7.36 (Nov 28th, 2018)

Labs Validation is now available

  • When users complete a Hands-on Lab, they can validate whether they have completed the Lab correctly.
  • Labs Validation will eventually factor into Skill Profiles.

Release Notes v7.34 (Nov 17th, 2018)

Pre-Assessment: list of Skills grouped by type

  • In order to avoid mixing skills of different types into a long and heterogeneous list, Pre-Assessment list of Skills is now grouped by type ( platform domain, concept, etc.) with an accordion component.
  • This improvement is available on the Pre-Assessment and Skills Updates section on the User Dashboard
  • Skills Profile scores have been adjusted as a result of a recent Skill Profile (BETA) algorithm update. This is reflected in the Analytics, Activity Report, and Skill Profiles pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes to improve platform performance and stability.

Release Notes v7.28 (Oct 5th, 2018)

Improvements on the header menu of public pages

  • When user is logged in, the right part of the menu shows the user’s avatar as well as user/enterprise menus.


  • Changed data filter options for Learning Activities Analytics, Activity Report, Skill Profiles pages.
  • Now these filter options are available: 7 / 30 / 90 days, last week, this year, custom

Release Notes v7.25 (Sep 21st, 2018)

Content Feedback improvements:

  • When a user leaves an up or down vote on a piece of learning curriculum, an email is sent to indicate that feedback has been received.

Training Plan page improvements:

  • Minor improvements on the Training Plan landing page and detail view.

Skill status score for Quiz sessions in test mode:

  • During a Quiz session in test mode, we now display a box on the right sidebar that shows the Skill that is going to be assessed


  • Learning Activities, Activity Reports, Skill Profiles have now been set on a 90-day time range by default.
  • General Managers are no longer able to invite new members and change permission roles.

Release Notes v7.24 (Sep 14th, 2018)

Training Plan improvements:

  • Added the ability to select a due date option as a final step when assigning a Training Plan.
  • Users can now skip questions for Exams/Assessments:

Minor bug fixes to improve platform performance and stability.

Release Notes v7.23 (Sep 5th, 2018)

Training Plan improvements:

  • Administrators can now request a new custom Training Plan by clicking on “Request a new one” from the Training Plan selection page and completing the form with their requirements.
  • Released “Add to Calendar” feature on user’s dashboard, enabling users to schedule a time to train.
  • Released “Bulk Nudge” feature on Training Plan Management Dashboard.

Released curation stripe on skills not yet assessed:

  • If a user is exploring skills for which they have not yet taken an assessment for on their User Profile page, our platform will show them recommended content to get started.

We made a change to how Learning Path completion is calculated in order to more accurately reflect your team’s progress. If individuals on your team complete a Learning Path Exam and skip the parts they already know, they will still receive completion credit.

Team Managers, General Managers, and Administrators now have faster access to their Management Dashboard:

  • Added a “Switch to Cloud Academy Manager View” link on Dashboard page next to their name.

Release Notes v7.18 (Jul 27th, 2018)

Introducing Nudges for Training Plans

  • Administrators can remind teams to resume training or reach out for help during a Training Plan

Improved Library search UI/UX

  • On Library landing page, we’ve added a clearly visible search box at the top of the page, in order to make the search of our content easier to access

Release Notes v7.16 (Jul 16th, 2018)

Learning Paths and Labs new look and feel: We released a complete User Interface overhaul of our Learning Paths and Labs products, aimed at improving the overall end-user experience on Cloud Academy.

Enterprise Self-serve plan: Companies requesting from two to ten licenses are now able to directly purchase and activate an Enterprise plan from the Pricing page. If a Company needs to register more than ten members, a Contact us form will be displayed to get in touch with our sales team.

Training Plan improvements:

  • Send email notifications after a Training plan completion
  • Overall performance improvements during quiz/exam sessions

Release Notes v7.15 (Jul 10th, 2018)

Training Plan improvements:

  • We enabled the feature to mark Training Plan as completed.
  • Sort by column on the Management dashboard.
  • Enterprise Labs are accessible to all subscribers.

Release Notes v7.14 (Jul 6th, 2018)

Quizzes and Exams improvements:

  • The timer on Exam sessions has been made more reliable in order to resolve issues with desync/submit during long exam sessions.
  • The Next button on Quizzes and Exams is now only enabled when the user’s response has been validated on the server side, avoiding multiple clicks and UX problems.


  • Content that has been recently changed/updated will now display an “UPDATED” label.
  • Content that has received a major version update recently will now display an “UPDATED” label on its card.

Release Notes v7.11 (Jun 11th, 2018)

Training Plan Improvements:

  • Training Plans feature is automatically enabled for newly created Companies
  • Remove users from any Training Plan Assignments when removed from a Company
  • Automatically assign a Training Plan to a user that just accepted an invite and is part of a team

New label for individual subscription plan from “Professional” to “Personal”.

Analytics page:

  • Enable the Leaderboard sorting by columns
  • UI/UX minor improvements on Skill Assessment page
  • Add the User’s Company Role filter to our NPS tool

Release Notes v7.10 (Jun 1st, 2018)

Button to reset the user’s Study Plan profiling: On the Account Settings page, we added a button (labeled “Update your study plan profile”) that resets previous answers for the Akinator and prompts you to a new Akinator session.

On the Analytics page, we improved the users/teams filtering: You can directly filter by users or team simply by clicking on the user/team name on the Leaderboard.

Your profile data is now downloadable from your profile settings in accordance with the implementation of recent GDPR regulations.

Training Plan Improvements:

  • A congratulations email is sent to individual and manager when a user has completed a Training Plan
  • It is possible to remove a single user from the Training Plan via the “Remove assignment” button on Assignee list
  • Updated the individual plan label from “Professional” to “Personal”.

Release Notes v7.9 (May 23rd, 2018)

New Features:

Released the beta of the Skill Profiles: We have released the Skill Profiles product. It allows companies and end-users to track their skills progress inside Cloud Academy. Find out more here:

  • CloudKarma and CloudRank removed: We removed CloudKarma and CloudRank functionalities as they were replaced by new Skill Profiles.

Training Plans improvements:

  • When assigning a Training Plan to a single user, the Assign button is disabled if the user is already active on another Training Plan.
  • During the Training Plan assignment, Teams are disabled that already have a Training Plan assigned
  • When selecting a Team during the Training Plan assignment, users that already have an active Training Plan will be displayed. For these users, the Training Plan being created will not be assigned.

We have removed the Resources dropdown section from the navigation menu:

  • Moved the Explanations Bookmarks link in the User Account dropdown menu
  • Removed the links to Ebooks, Whitepapers, and Webinars (which remain accessible from the footer menu)
  • Removed Referral option for individual users

Bug Fixes:

  • Restart a video dedicated button overlay remains visible.

Release Notes v7.8 (May 16th, 2018)

New Features:

      • Training Plans improvements:
        1. In the modal to assign a Training Plan to a user, the Assign button is disabled if the user already has a Training Plan assigned, and in this case the modal shows the title of such Training Plan.
        2. The system no longer allows assigning a Training Plan to a user that already has a Training Plan assigned; in this case, the user will instead be added to the “Not Assigned” list.
        3. In the Training Plan cycle creation page, disable Teams that already have a Training Plan Assignment assigned.

Bug Fixes:

      • Content Roadmap published date.
      • Library/Search APIs capitalization of KG node names.
      • Exams duplicates.

Release Notes: v7.7 (May 4th, 2018)

New Features:

      • Analytics received a fresh coat of paint. Under the hood, sessions and time spent are more accurate and reporting is more granular. To see Analytics in your Enterprise account, visit
      • Enterprise Reports can now be downloaded in CSV and XLS formats. The same improvements under the hood benefit the reports you download from Cloud Academy. To see Reports in your Enterprise account, visit
      • Training plans received several enhancements:
        • Progress emails are only sent to assignees
        • Users on the Training Plan dashboard are now clearly marked by role
      • Answering questions on Quizzes and Exams has improved. In both study mode and test mode, the next action is automatically loaded after three (3) seconds.

Bug Fixes:

      • Questions filtering widget.
      • Various minor bugs fixes behind the scenes.

Release Notes: v7.6 (Apr 10th, 2018)

New Features:

      • We’re pleased to announce that Training Plans are now generally available to customers on our Enterprise plan. To learn more, visit

Release Notes: v7.5 (Apr 6th, 2018)

New Features:

      • Improvements to the courses UI: we tweaked, iterated, and obsessed over the user interface of the video player and the user experience navigating video lectures.
      • New page for our partner program: we released a section on the website for current and prospective partners, which you can learn more about at
      • Enterprise Reports: these are now downloadable directly from the Cloud Academy platform. Previously, we emailed you when they were ready (and we agree, that was annoying).
      • We pressed on with finishing touches to features we’re about to launch which are, well, really quite momentous. Stay tuned because April is going to be good…

Bug Fixes:

      • Versioning now works much better when Cloud Academy makes changes to Learning Paths.

Release Notes: v7.2 (Mar 16th, 2018)

New Features:

      • Retake quizzes and exams in a Learning Path: we have reintroduced the button to retake quizzes and exams within Learning Paths.
      • Change due date on Training Plan Cycles: it is possible for Team Managers to change the due date of a Training Plan Cycle through the UI of the Training Plan Cycle’s detail page.
      • Aggregate Training Plan Cycle Progress for Managers / Admins: Training Plan managers previously received as many emails as the number of Training Plans they’d manage. Now multiple Training Plan emails are collapsed into a single one, with at-a- glance information about the different Training Plans managed.
      • Not adding team managers by default to Training Plans: Altering a Team’s structure (adding or removing Team Managers from a Team) now results in the expected behaviors of Training Plan not being assigned to the newly added Team Manager, so the Training Plan correctly stays assigned to the previously Team Manager.

Bug Fixes:

      • Missing BE forms error management
      • Learning Path description missing in Content Engine User interface.
      • Check validation fields improvement on Content Engine forms
      • Fix Discard Changes behaviour for LabSteps.

Release Notes: v6.2 (Feb 19th, 2018)

New Features:

Improved Courses User Interface

Our video course user interface got a face lift. There are also several improvements under the hood:

      • More granular sync of progress across devices; the user’s position is stored at more frequent intervals so users can continue more easily from another device
      • Video preferences can now be saved (subtitles, speed)
      • Users can now give feedback to Cloud Academy at the lecture level and report any problems with a specific video


New Navigation Sidebar Within Learning Path

We added an expandable navigation bar to all pages within a Learning Path. From within any Course, Hands-on Lab, or Quiz in a Learning Path, users can click the purple ribbon on the left side of the screen and easily navigate without leaving the screen they’re on.


Simplified Action Menu on Management Dashboard

We replaced the small, difficult to click Action buttons on the Management Dashboard with a larger, more easily clickable menu dropdown for Actions.


Bug-Fixes & Architectural Improvements

    • Various bug-fixes and architectural improvements were released behind the scenes.