Meet thought leaders in Security, DevOps, Data Engineering, and more.

Mastering The Microsoft Azure AZ-300 and AZ-301 Exams

Mastering The Microsoft Azure AZ-300 and AZ-301 Exams

Discover how to master the latest Microsoft Azure AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams.

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How to Create a Scalable Technology Training Program for AWS, Azure, DevOps, K8s, and More

How to Create a Scalable Technology Training Program for AWS, Azure, DevOps, K8s, and More

Join us to learn the proven best practices and see a preview of their implementation on the Cloud Academy platform.

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Best Practices to Monitor and Troubleshoot Serverless Applications - on demand webinar

Best Practices to Monitor and Troubleshoot Serverless Applications

Learn how to run Serverless applications smoothly and troubleshoot quickly

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Best Practices to Optimize AWS Costs & Govern at Scale

Best Practices to Optimize AWS Costs & Govern at Scale

Learn how to streamline AWS operations with data and automation.

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re-invent unpacked

re:Invent Unpacked: Latest Advancements in AWS Networking & Security

Discover a new development in securing and automating cloud networks with AWS.

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Build Your Bench & Retain AWS Skills

Build Your Bench & Retain AWS Skills

Learn How to Maximize Your AWS Investment with the Right Talent

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John Visneski - webinar

Talking Security with Pokemon Leadership: Building a Cloud-Focused Security Program

John Visneski, Pokemon Head of Security and DPO, discusses strategies to build out a cloud-focused security program regardless of the current level of maturity.

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Cloud Academy Deep Dive: Measuring Skill Profiles and Analytics

Discover how organizations can leverage Skill Profiles and Analytics to fill their skills gap and much more.

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Shared Responsibility Model

The Shared Responsibility Model: Best Practices for Building a Culture of Security

Learn how Xero implemented a security program and culture that encourages developers to accelerate innovation.

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Shifting Left and Full Stack (in reality)

In this live session Mark Andersen and Jessica Clark from Capital One talk about shifting left and full stack in reality.

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Cloud Academy Talk: AWS Security Specialist Certification and Beyond

In this session, our Head of Content, Andrew Larkin, and our AWS Lead, Stuart Scott, showed how to successfully pass the AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam.

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Cloud Academy Deep Dive: Making Training Actionable Through Customization

Discover how to use Content Engine to deliver customized, actionable cloud training.

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Cloud Academy Deep Dive: Deploying Training Plans

Solutions Engineer Mark Smith shows how to deploy Training Plans through a live demo of our platform.

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Establishing a Privacy Program: GDPR Compliance & Beyond

Watch this exclusive webinar with Sumo Logic Chief Security Officer George Gerchow and Data Protection Officer Jen Brown on how you can build a broader, multi-faceted privacy program and the people, process, and technology to support it.

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How to Build a Regionally Distributed Serverless Architecture

In this webinar, Alex Casalboni, Senior Software Engineer at Cloud Academy and Rupak Ganguly, Enterprise Solutions Architect at Serverless Inc. explore the architectural advantages of globally distributed serverless applications through a live demo.

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Recipe For DevOps Success

Capital One’s Mark Andersen, Director of DevOps / FS Cloud Governance shares his DevOps journey.

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Building Cross-Cloud Platform Microservices Using Serverless

In this webinar, Capital One’s Srini Karlekar, Director of Software Engineering, will build an intelligent Slackbot using cross-platform microservices.

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Building Microservices on AWS using Serverless Framework

Srini Karlekar, Director of Software Engineering - Enterprise Architecture at Capital One, will demonstrate building event-driven microservices built on top of AWS Lambda, Twilio, Amazon Rekognition and IMDbPy API using the Serverless framework.

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An Intro to FaunaDB – The First Serverless Database

See live code and a demo of the first truly serverless database from Fauna Director of Developer Experience Chris Anderson.

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Building Multi-Provider Serverless Apps With Serverless

James Thomas has been working on the OpenWhisk implementation. Discover its new feature and learn how to run serverless applications on different providers.

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Cloud Academy for Consulting Companies

Learn how cloud technologies are defining new challenges for the consulting industry.

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Microsoft Azure: Move to the Cloud and Secure Your Investment

Dwayne Monroe, Cloud Technologist Evangelist, talks about cloud computing, covering what to move, how to move it and what to do to protect your investment.

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Predictive Analytics and Data Discovery with PredicSis.ai

Explore the benefits and technical aspects of a managed Business intelligence solution available on the AWS Marketplace.

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Data backup and Disaster recovery with AWS

Evgeny Rudinsky talks about a set of cloud-based disaster recovery services AWS provides to enable rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data.

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Cloud Academy Office Hours April 2017

This sessions tackles Docker containers, Kubernetes, AWS, and all the most common cloud computing doubts companies have in their business.

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Cluster Ops with Kops

This session tackles Kops, how it works, and what it can do followed by technical demos.

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Exploiting the Google Natural Language API

Roberto Turrin and Andrea Cappelli exploit the Google Natural Language API, exploring the service’s capabilities for recognizing syntax and entities in text.

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Serverless Monitoring: chat with Adam Johnson, CEO at IOpipe

Learn more about monitoring and debugging serverless applications, how to make your life easier, and the solutions available on the market.

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Serverless & GraphQL: A Love Story

Nik Graf - Lead Front-end Engineer at Serverless - talks about building a Serverless application with a GraphQL endpoint and why these technologies are such a great fit together.

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AWS Reserved Instance Fundamentals

CloudCheckr CTO Patrick Gartlan discusses how AWS Reserved Instances are structured and sold, and how your organization can leverage them to save money.

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Deploying Applications with Helm

This session covers what Helm is, and how you can use for continuous deployment of Kubernetes applications.

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Serverless data collection with Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda

Discover the configuration of different cloud services to implement a data collection pipeline.

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On-premises FaaS on Kubernetes

In this webinar, Alex Casalboni will overview the main FaaS concepts and best practices (Function as a Service), explore the open-source FaaS options and discuss pros and cons of deploying and managing your own serverless platform on Kubernetes.

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Ecosystem & Production Operations (Kubernetes Part 2)

Part 2 is for those of you who may have already used Kubernetes in production.

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Serverless technology use cases

David Wells, Senior Software Engineer at Serverless, explores some different use cases for Serverless technology with examples from companies and other open source projects.

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Hands on Kubernetes (Part 1)

In Part 1 Adam Hawkins will present the high level behind container orchestration and what differentiates Kubernetes between other tools.

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Amazon Rekognition – Image Analysis Overview

Learn about Amazon Rekognition, including how deep learning is powering Amazon's Image Analysis service and what it supports in terms of frameworks and APIs.

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Microservices on AWS: Lambda VS Elastic Beanstalk

Discover how we migrate an application deployed on AWS Lambda to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

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Serverless Framework and the new AWS Lambda features

Austen Collins talks about the Serverless Framework and the new Framework features.

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Docker Webinar Series: Production & Beyond

Part 2 covered putting applications in production. This session covers what happens next and other larger trends in the container ecosystem.

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Connecting the Unconnected with AWS IoT

AWS IoT is a new managed service that enables Internet-connected things to easily and securely interact with each other and the Cloud.

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Docker Webinar Series: From Dev to Production

Learn how to take your Docker application from development to production and discover a few production deployment options (Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and ECS)

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AWS Certifications: From Zero to Hero with Cyrus Wong

Cyrus Wong talks about the 5 AWS Certifications, providing tips and tricks on how to get AWS Certified.

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Docker Webinar Series: From Idea to Dev

This session covers applying Docker to your development environment, the Docker toolchain, and jumping off points for investigation before the next session.

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Why Migrate Your Company To The Public Cloud With Azure

One of our DevOps engineers, Ben Lambert, talks to Brandon Middleton who works on the Microsoft team.

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Study for AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification

Andrew Larkin, one of our expert AWS trainers, talks about the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam and how to prepare for it.

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AWS Lambda: Advanced Coding Session

Discover API Gateway authentication use cases, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Cognito and AWS CloudFormation.

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Introduction to Ansible

A live introduction to Ansible with our DevOps trainer and expert, Ben Lambert.

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Getting Started with AWS Lambda: Coding Session

Lambda comes with all the benefits of serverless: let's see why.

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Introduction to the Serverless Paradigm

Learn about the exciting new trend that's redefining the cloud computing industry.

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How we use AWS for Machine Learning and Data Collection

Learn how to use AWS to manage daily challenges and build a robust machine learning system.

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VisualOps: the visual DevOps tool for the cloud

Thibault Bronchain shows us how to build stable, effective and fully functioning Apps the smart way.

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