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Gain certifications and advance your tech career

Join thousands of users in achieving your personal goals through Cloud Academy. Score job-ready tech skills that you can practice in a real environment, without the risk of extra costs or making mistakes. It’s simply the smartest way to gain certifications and get career-ready.

Now with marketing and e-commerce learning content!

Advance your tech career

The best solution to gain tech certifications and get career-ready

Need to prepare for a technical certification?

Need to prepare for a technical certification?

Get exam-ready with certification prep in not just in 5 cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, and Alibaba) but also Microsoft 365, Business Management, DevOps, Security, and more.

Want to practice risk-free in cloud or coding?

Want to practice risk-free in cloud or coding?

Check out our 1000+ labs! Practice new skills in a real-world coding and cloud environments, without worrying about breaking anything. We’ll check your work along the way, giving you confidence to master job-ready skills.

Can’t find in-depth industry knowledge?

Can’t find in-depth industry knowledge?

Cloud Academy offers 315+ years of industry experience in niche areas. Gain access to a wealth of speciality and expert certifications, plus smart Job Roles that get you career-ready.

Gain technical certifications to reach your personal goals and get career-ready

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Jamie M.

Network Operations Team Lead

Excellent platform for IT, Cloud, and Security professional development. The plethora of training covers many subjects, utilizing different means of learning from short videos, practical labs, quizzes and tests. The skills dashboard also helps determine your skill level and areas for improvement.

Solutions - Trusted content from battle-proven experts

Learn from battle-proven experts

Our trusted content keeps you current on the latest technology so you can out-skill and out-perform. Disney-level animation keeps it fun.

Gain real-life experience in the cloud

Our 1000+ labs help you apply skills in real life. We give you both guided labs to practice, and challenges to test your skills. All with live chat if you get stuck. Users love it!

Ace over 60+ certifications

Get ready for the exam with preparation courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs. Ask an expert in our community, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's included in my personal plan subscription?

Your personal plan subscription includes:

10,000+ hours of unlimited access to our self-paced training library.

Hands-on labs to learn in live cloud environments using our step-by-step procedures.

Lab challenges to get the real-world experience you need using our sandboxed accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google.

Certification learning paths that deliver the theory, technical knowledge, and hands-on practice to master industry-leading certification exams and develop practical experience.

Web and mobile access to study anytime, anywhere — even when you’re offline!

What topics does the Cloud Academy library offer to upskill and advance my tech career?

Cloud Academy’s new training library now offers a wide range of topics on which you can upskill, reskill, and get that job role you always dreamt of. Here’s the full list:

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more (and of course their related certifications).

IT Operations: DevOps, FinOps, Virtualisation, Containers, and more.

Data: Business Intelligence, Data Science, SQL, and more.

AI and Machine Learning: Generative AI, Machine Learning Services, Models, and more.

Software Development: Java, Python, Microservices, and more.

Security: Cyber Security, Secure Development, and more.

Ecommerce: Omnichannel, Digital Merchandising, and more.

Digital Marketing: SEO, Digital Advertising, Social Media, and more.

Leadership, Strategy and Change: Leadership, Project Management, Agile, and more.

How often is new content added to the library?

New training content is made available every month and covers multiple platforms and technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Java, Security, and much more.