Cloud Learning

Close tech skills gaps at scale

The demand for cloud knowledge is skyrocketing, yet many teams find themselves grappling with skill gaps in cloud, security, programming, and software development.

The consequences? Escalating cloud costs, hindered innovation, and a direct impact on profitability.

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Cloud Academy

All your cloud learning needs – all in one place.

Don’t just learn cloud skills – master them. Go beyond traditional cloud learning methods with Cloud Academy. Whether you’re a business manager seeking cloud literacy or a developer aiming to harness the power of Machine Learning, Cloud Academy offers a comprehensive cloud learning solution tailored to your unique needs.

Why choose Cloud Academy?

  1. Diverse topics: Dive into a variety of subjects ranging from Containers (Docker, Kubernetes) to Big Data/AI (Snowflake, SQL), DevOps tools (Docker, Terraform, Puppet), and even programming languages (Java, Python, C#, NodeJS).
  2. Real-world application: With over 1,000 labs and 40,000+ hours of content, immerse yourself in practical scenarios that mirror real-world challenges.
  3. For everyone: Whether you’re a business manager aiming for cloud literacy or a developer who wants to master Machine Learning, there’s something for everyone.
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Go from skills gaps… to skills ready!

Investing in world-class cloud training is an investment in the future of your business. Are you empowering your teams to close skills gaps and learn, practice, and master everything multi-cloud?
Fortune 500 companies, innovative businesses, leading universities, and more are choosing Cloud Academy to grow cloud skills, retain valuable employees, and generate more business value from the cloud. Customers who choose cloud training with Cloud Academy have seen real benefits, including:

  • 135% increase in employee certifications using certification prep learning paths that include hands-on labs.
  • 50-60% reduction in time-to-market for products by connecting data science to cloud technologies
  • 20-30% estimated savings by training people to move applications to the cloud

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