Advanced Techniques for AWS Monitoring, Metrics and Logging

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Modern AWS cloud deployments are increasingly distributed systems, comprising of many different components and services interacting with each other to deliver software. In order to ensure quality delivery, companies and DevOps teams need more sophisticated methods of monitoring their clouds, collecting operational metrics, and logging system occurrences.

This course aims to teach advanced techniques for logging on AWS, going beyond the basic uses of CloudWatch Metrics, CloudWatch Logs, and health monitoring systems. Students of this course will learn:

- How to use logs as first-class building blocks
- How to move away from thinking of logs as files
- Treat monitoring, metrics, and log data as events
- Reason about using streams as log transport buffers
- How CloudWatch Log Groups are structured internally
- To build an ELK stack for log aggregation and analysis
- Build Slack ChatOps systems

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