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Amazon Web Services Courses

The courses are regularly updated, our classes are taught by accredited AWS expert instructors with deep technical expertise. Each course is made up of a number of informative lectures that efficiently breaks down the subject matter into bitesize chunks to help you prepare for the AWS certification. Learn Amazon Web Services, test your AWS skills, train and build muscle memory solving business problems in real-world scenarios using AWS. New content and training added and updated weekly.

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Getting Started With AWS

Start your AWS journey with our specially selected courses designed to support you and your enterprise with your first foray into Amazon Web Services. With such a broad spectrum of topics and certification possibilities, we would recommend taking a look at our full Content Training Library!

Development & Deployment

Double-down on your Development and Deployment knowledge and keep your skills sharp with our cohesive courses ready to immerse you into the developer world.

Machine Learning, AI and IoT

Explore the fundamental differences between Machine Learning, AI and IOT and how they can work together to build an intelligent system. Whether you are looking to generate new forms of data or have your system make decisions of its own, we have the right courses to get you started.

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