The Transformative Power of Customer Success in Maximizing SaaS Adoption

Not long ago, an international oil and gas company came to Cloud Academy with a worrisome problem. They already had an upskilling program in place with a mainstream, traditional tech training provider — but that provider was failing to deliver on their promises. 

Yes, cloud e-learning and technical e-learning courses were provided. But unfortunately, the mainstream provider missed the mark on service. They were unresponsive. The customer success team didn’t set up mission-critical integrations, and they didn’t provide added value to enhance the e-learning with “pillars” of engaging experience. So the oil and gas company made the switch to Cloud Academy — where customer success and white-glove service are provided in spades.

Here at Cloud Academy, we have a 98% CSAT (customer satisfaction) score because we are all about building relationships beyond the initial sale. We believe your selected training provider should be an extension of your in-house team, and foster a symbiotic relationship built on trust, collaboration, and mutual growth.

Debunking Common Myths

Unfortunately, misconceptions about customer success can undermine their importance and lead to missed opportunities. Let’s debunk some of these myths:

#1 ” Good content is all that matters in training. I don’t need the extras.”

Quality content is undoubtedly essential, but without proper support, learners might struggle to utilize it effectively. Customer success enhances the overall learning journey and amplifies the impact of the content.

#2 “Customer success is only for technical issues”

While technical support is a part of the equation, customer success encompasses a wider spectrum. They include onboarding assistance, personalized guidance, best practice sharing, and more. These services contribute to holistic success, not just technical problem-solving.

#3  “Customer success is unnecessary”

Selecting a provider with excellent customer success is an investment in the success of your team and your business. The benefits in terms of user satisfaction, engagement, and retention often far outweigh the costs. Neglecting customer success can lead to employee dissatisfaction and attrition – not to mention other issues, as illustrated by the oil & gas company mentioned earlier.

#4  “I don’t need to customize a team training program” 

Internal Cloud Academy metrics aggregated across nearly 800 enterprise clients and nearly 1 million users show that personalized learning with the help of customer success can lead not only to improved performance but engagement rates upwards of 70%. 

Training content that is customized to address your specific job roles, cloud services, and company priorities can make all the difference to your team’s learning journey. 

#5  “I’ll have time to do all the administrative work myself” 

In most cases, you won’t. Customer success can help to alleviate the administrative burdens associated with onboarding, and the setup and configuration of new services.

How to choose the right training partner

Distinguishing exceptional customer success from the rest requires attention to specific qualities.

Look for reviews on platforms like G2 that help B2B buyers make decisions based on trusted peer feedback. Customer testimonials and case studies are another way to narrow down your search and gauge the effectiveness and reliability of a training program. Platforms that have established partnerships or affiliations with industry leaders and organizations can also be indicators of credibility and quality. 

Compare various training delivery methods, such as online, blended, or face-to-face, to choose what best suits your preferences and constraints. Also, flexibility is key, consider providers that offer relevant, customizable, engaging content that is scalable. 

For more on this topic, read our latest post, How to choose the right IT training provider for your business.

Success Service Packages by Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy provides not only unrivaled, responsive customer success and support but also a unique offering to enhance e-learning success and bolster engagement. New to the Cloud Academy lineup, Success Service Packages reimagine how businesses approach learning and development for their tech teams. Our Success Services offering amplifies our effective catalog of self-paced training on cloud skills. It is a selection of professional services and live instructor-led learning opportunities, hand-picked by our training experts.

They are called  “success services” because they are more than just transactional, one-off projects – they are designed to improve the success of your learning program.

Cloud Academy Success Services include:

  • Live sessions for learner engagement
  • Training curation to analyze needs & develop custom syllabi
  • Masterclasses for upskilling staff with immersive ILT
  • L&D workshops for leaders to maximize training ROI

For more on this new and exciting service offering you can read our recent release, Announcing Cloud Academy’s Success Services: Bringing Learner Engagement to New Heights.


The role of unrivaled customer success cannot be underestimated. Dispelling common misconceptions about customer success, and understanding the qualities of exceptional customer support will empower stakeholders to make informed decisions when choosing an e-learning vendor. 

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