Introducing Training Plan Objectives

Cloud Academy Training Plans are the premier way to assign, manage, and measure your enterprise training. Our data-driven approach helps managers understand the actual level of training effort compared to the required level of effort. Our customers know how hard it is to motivate people to train — and yet, motivating people is one of the main responsibilities of a leader. We discovered that people are more willing to spend time on training if they understand the big picture. Employees who can’t answer the question “why are we doing this” will rapidly lose interest and motivation. That’s where objective-driven training comes in handy.

Today, we are excited to announce a released new feature for Training Plans that enables objective-driven training.

What is Objective-Driven Training?

Objective-driven training establishes measurable steps needed to achieve overall training goals for an organization. Cloud Academy’s new Training Plan objectives allow you to connect your training goals to your organization’s initiatives, helping your business to:

  • Save time and money by providing clear objectives
  • Create an understanding of where the skills they gain will be applied
  • Improve business outcomes by driving training results

Establishing Training Plan Objectives

Training Plans are one of Cloud Academy’s most powerful tools to deliver training at scale. When companies assign Training Plans to teams, they are more than four times more likely to complete training. Now, when assigning a new Training Plan, managers can establish objectives for each specific assignment, giving their employees the full picture of the company requirements. This allows you to easily connect your organization initiatives to your team’s future skills.

Training Plan Objectives

When using this new feature, your employees will see the specific objectives of a Training Plan objectives in email notifications, on the Cloud Academy dashboard, and from their mobile devices.

Training Plan Objectives Context

Striving for Continuous Improvement

At Cloud Academy, we value customer feedback and are committed to giving you complete control of your company’s training journey. The best way to do that is to use your feedback to continuously deploy new features, unleashing your organization’s full capabilities.

Current customers and partners can configure objectives for new Training Plan Cycles starting today on the platform. Start driving your team’s training today right from the Cloud Academy platform or, if you have questions, you can contact your customer success manager.

If you are not yet a Cloud Academy customer, see what can be assigned in a Training Plan to your teams by browsing our Training Library. Our platform helps businesses develop the critical thinking skills and common language required to select and deploy technology, optimize decision making, and improve business outcomes. If you would like to learn more about deploying Cloud Academy at your organization, we’d love to talk shop. You can also request a demo.

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