Training Plans

Assign, manage, and measure structured cloud training plans at scale.

Lead Teams to Excellence

Technology leaders act with purpose, set goals, and measure results. They understand that making technical training available is necessary, but insufficient on its own. Where your organization is headed, merely “making training available” or “encouraging certification” doesn’t correlate with what it takes for teams to contribute up and down your evolving stack. Cloud Academy Training Plan functionality fixes that.

Find and Control Your Cloud Edge

Training Plans enable centralized control for organizations seeking a no-nonsense approach to building and maintaining a competitive edge. Using Training Plans, you can assign a curated set of Learning Paths with Exams to teams in support of initiatives like shifting to a DevOps culture, cloud transformation, change management, customized certification programs, even new hire onboarding.

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Assess, Assign, and Keep Training on Track

Cloud Academy leverages the largest library of Learning Paths and partners with you to customize Training Plans for current and future job roles in your organization. Define target skillsets, assess staff competence, and assign Training Plans that drive continuous improvement. Select the number of hours teams should train and Cloud Academy will automatically nudge staff to stay on track.

Continuous improvement is a core value in our organization. Before Training Plans, we gave guidance on training – but could only hope that employees were on track to finish what was recommended. With Cloud Academy, we launched a dozen Training Plans cycles in under two weeks for hundreds of staff. Senior leadership loves the transparency, managers have the confidence that teams are on target, and end users have thanked us for our leadership.
Head of Cloud Enablement, US-based logistics company

Training Plan Dashboard

Measure Training Cycles With Ease

Unlike in-person training or e-learning, Training Plans enable a data-driven approach to ongoing cloud skills development. At a glance, managers can understand the level of actual training effort compared to the needed level of effort. As staff complete substantial units of training material, exams validate skill acquisition and exam scores are reported to management.

Measure Training Cycles With Ease

Build & Assign Certification Tracks

Vendor certifications are often required and Cloud Academy offers certification Learning Paths on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Forward-looking organizations are going one step further by building customized certification programs that align with the intricacies of their stacks. You can leverage Cloud Academy to easily build a customized certification program. With Content Engine, clone and modify Learning Paths to integrate details of your policies, configurations, and procedures. Create an exam and configure success parameters. Assign the output using Training Plans to deploy certifications that are actionable, specific, and contextual.

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