Keep Training on Track with Auto Nudge

When Administrators and Managers adopt Training Plans, they gain the ability to manually Nudge individual users. Nudges are reminder mechanisms that allow Training Plans to stay on track, and thereby progress towards a desired future state.

But what happens when real life happens and busy Administrators or Managers don’t have a chance to send a Nudge? Is there a chance to automate the process?

Today, it’s possible with our new Auto Nudge feature. Administrators and Managers can configure Cloud Academy to automatically send Nudges (with a limit of 3 per Training Cycle) when they assign a Training Plan. Auto Nudge will send an email notification on the Manager’s behalf when a user is significantly behind or inactive in their Training Cycle.

Watch the video to see how it works:



It takes just three steps to configure Auto Nudge:

1. Create a new Training Plan Cycle 

Select a Training Plan

2. Select a weekly hourly commitment 

Identify a committment

3. Select the option to send Nudges automatically when a user falls behind

Select Auto Nudge

With Auto Nudge, Administrators and Managers can have the peace of mind in knowing their teams are continuing to progress towards their skill-based goals.

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