Introducing Training Plans

It’s difficult for organizations to keep up with the pace of change in cloud. Too often, best efforts to “train for what’s next” are overtaken by short-term priorities at the expense of the team. Organizations need more control over the training process and the confidence that teams are on track. They need a platform that enables them to address cloud skills development as an ongoing, dynamic business problem through measurement, management, and continuous improvement.  So, we built Training Plans.

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Training Plans on the Cloud Academy platform. Using Training Plans, you can assign learning paths to teams, manage training cycles, and measure skill development for cloud transformation, change management, new hire on-boarding, and any longer-term learning initiative.

Chart a Path For Your Organization

Using Training Plans, managers can assign high-quality learning content and skill assessments to teams across organizations. You can leverage the extensive Cloud Academy library of pre-built Learning Paths on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and cloud ecosystem technologies or partner with us to create customized Training Plans that align with the technologies and methodologies you’re working to implement.

Cloud Training Plan Detail
Training Plans contain Learning Paths and Exams

Assess, Assign, and Keep Training on Track

Training Plans are designed to target specific desired skill sets by team. Select the number of hours that teams should train per week, and the Cloud Academy platform guides users through the Training Plan on web or mobile. We’ll even automatically nudge staff to stay on track.

Cloud Academy Training Plan Assignment
Set deadlines and expectations across teams

Manage and Measure Training Cycles

From the management dashboard, you can monitor effort and progress towards completion across individuals and teams. Summary results from skill assessments make identifying top performers a breeze and give you the confidence that skills are being acquired.

Cloud Academy Training Plans Dashboard
View team effort and monitor progress, all at a glance

Learn more about Training Plans in one minute in this video.


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