Microsoft Azure App Service: new course

Cloud Academy is thrilled to announce the publication of our newest course, Getting Started: Azure App Service Web Apps

Tim Gabrhel is the instructor for this exciting new six-lesson course that features one hour and sixteen minutes of video content. Tim is a super-passionate application developer focused on the Microsoft stack. He loves teaching and developing mobile applications on the Windows Platform. He has several more courses that should be out soon on related topics. 

Microsoft Azure App Service

As you may know, Microsoft Azure App Service is a developer-focused platform that enables developers to easily build, deploy, and maintain cloud-based solutions that connect web, mobile, and any other devices. This is a beginner-level course so no prior understanding of Azure is required for getting started. The course is broken into six manageable lessons that logically lead from one topic to the next.

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Azure App Service
  2. Demo: Provisioning Azure Web Apps
  3. Demo: Deploying Code to Azure App Service
  4. Advanced App Service Features
  5. Azure Web Jobs
  6. Management and Resources

Cloud Academy has a free seven-day trial subscription. I suggest testing some of the courses, quizzes, and labs because you’ll find valuable pathways to growing your career. They have helped a lot of developers and IT professionals expand their skills and pass demanding certifications. We want feedback. We appreciate your comments and take them seriously.


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