Microsoft Launches Azure IoT Technical Training, Developers Can Start Quickly with IoT

Microsoft launches Azure IoT technical training: We are happy to share that we are part of the Microsoft Azure Technical Training program, which was highlighted yesterday at Microsoft Build 2017 in Seattle.

The program provides online training content to help get developers up to speed developing apps on the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Microsoft will work with and advise the Cloud Academy content development team in the planning of courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes that will make up the learning path to aid developers in app creation on the IoT platform. All of the content created will be owned by Cloud Academy and will only be accessible on our platform at

Get started with Azure IoT and Cloud Academy

Our Internet of Things with Azure is part of the initial set of third-party classes available on Azure IoT.
This learning path will guide you through the most important topics in Azure IoT over seven courses:

  • Building an Information Display Solution with Azure IoT Hub
  • Introduction to Azure IoT Hub
  • Developing For The Raspberry Pi and Azure IoT Hub
  • Processing IoT Events and Data
  • IoT Hub: A Deep Dive (coming soon)
  • Introduction to Azure Functions
  • Introduction to Azure DocumentDB

Explore our Internet of Things with Azure learning path for a detailed description of each course and what you’ll be learning every step of the way.
Internet of Things Learning Path

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