Some updates on is live since October 2012, so far we have just focused our efforts on building great content for Amazon Web Services, but as you can see in our homepage we already have a plan for many more platforms: Rackspace, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure.
What happened in the last 5 months? We’ve been creating a bunch of new features and we will launch them in February with the official launch of Right now we are focusing ourself on creating great high quality content, something that our users really need and appreciate.
Today i want to share some data about our “alpha”, with some stats about

  • More than 15.000 questions answered;
  • 69% of them right answered (not bad!);
  • a growing base of 200 users, most of them with really great technical skills;
  • Our users love the quiz-system: more than 1500 answered questions in a single day in January;
  • Average time on CloudAcademy is 7 minutes;

Let’s see our growth by users: Growth
Pretty amazing results for us, given the fact that we are just inviting our friend and contacts to try the platform without any other marketing approach! We are working hard to improve the platform and insert new features, I’ll keep up updated in the next days about the public launch of Cloud Academy!
Any suggestions or feedback on CloudAcademy? Write me an email:
Thanks! Stefano

Written by

Stefano Bellasio

Stefano's a computer engineering guy that loves building products. He's the CEO and co-founder of All his experience is in the web hosting and cloud computing industry where he started other companies before. He loves talking with all readers of Cloud Academy blog, so feel free to email him at!

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