Announcing Cloud Academy’s Success Services: Bringing Learner Engagement to New Heights

Success Services for SaaS

In a time when software companies are cutting back on customer support and live offerings, Cloud Academy is doing the opposite: We’re offering more support, more learning options, and more engagement than ever.  Introducing Success Services, a visionary addition to the Cloud Academy training platform that redefines how organizations approach learning and development for their tech teams. Designed to complement the renowned Cloud Academy ecosystem of self-paced technical and cloud learning, Success Services Packages include a hand-picked selection of offerings that deliver optimal engagement for learners.

At Cloud Academy, we recognize that success isn’t merely about having the training content – it’s about enabling individuals and teams to thrive in their roles, leveraging tip-of-the-spear training to accomplish business goals like greater cloud adoption, faster product development, smarter AI and ML options, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership in the cloud. This understanding has led us to craft Success Services Packages, a selection of virtual instructor-led training experiences and expert content curation services that take learner engagement to new heights. As Greg Schwartzkhopf, VP of Customer Success at Cloud Academy, aptly puts it,

 “With Success Services, we’re answering our client’s biggest challenges: engagement and adoption of training. We understand that each organization has its distinct way of operating and learning. Success Services is all about harnessing the power of customization and relevance to drive skill readiness.”

Success Services Packages include your choice of the following services on a monthly retainer basis:

Training Curation: Optimize for Engagement

One-size-fits-all approaches have no place in the busy world of IT training – your team already has enough on their plate. Cloud Academy’s Success Services reshapes the learning experience through meticulous training curation. We take the time to listen and understand your unique roles, company priorities, and timelines. Armed with this insight, we curate training experiences that are tailored to your exact needs: whether that’s getting a team certification-ready in 60 hours or less; building a custom learning path to reskill staff into SRE and DevOps roles and Cloud Architect roles, and much more.

Live Sessions: Boosting Learner Participation

Live learning experiences have an unrivaled ability to captivate and engage learners. Cloud Academy’s Success Services bring this power to the forefront with live, relevant, and topic-based sessions conducted by our team of technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Session types include: 

  1. Live Lab Challenges that improve participation in learning through event-based, gamified, cohort-oriented experiences. These are fun, hands-on opportunities for staff to go head-to-head with peers in a cloud scenario.
  2. Ask an Expert sessions that add context and relevance to cloud technology concepts, and real-world applications through conversation with subject matter experts.
  3. Exam Preparation that accelerates certification efforts and improves staff confidence and pass rates, by giving the opportunity to ask questions of an SME.

Master Classes: Immersive Understanding

Virtual instructor-led training is taken to the next level with Cloud Academy’s Master Classes: half-day events that produce big skill gains without the pain of losing your staff for a whole day. These classes provide an immersive blend of interactive learning and optional post-work, enabling your cohort to delve deeper into the subject matter. Whether it’s tackling DevSecOps, Kubernetes, Terraform, Snowflake, or a review of cloud concepts, Master Classes offer an enriched learning journey that empowers learners to achieve true mastery.

L&D Workshops: Maximizing Learning ROI

Want to know how to take training to the next level? Leverage expert-led workshops to refine your training program and unlock greater value from learning. Cloud Academy’s Success Services include L&D workshops that empower your organization to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of your learning initiatives. These workshops provide the strategic insights and methodologies needed to fine-tune your training program, align it with business objectives, and drive tangible outcomes.

The era of off-the-shelf training experiences is behind us. With Cloud Academy’s Success Services, organizations have the opportunity to embrace customized, relevant, and transformative learning that brings learner engagement to new heights.

For more details on Cloud Academy’s training platform and Success Services Packages, contact one of our knowledgeable reps today.

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