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Updates to Cloud Academy Labs: This Week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy.

Lab updates

You talk. Cloud Academy listens.

From the very beginning, Cloud Academy’s hands-on labs have been a very popular resource. Being guided through a real-world cloud computing environment without having to worry about breaking anything expensive is a really great way to learn. But even good learning tools can be made better, and there’s no one better at visualizing valuable improvements than our users.

So when users pointed out that the AWS management console for the Lambda event-driven code launcher had changed, we updated the labs and documentation for our Lambda course Introduction to Lambda.

We added significant improvements to the documentation for the AWS Elastic Load Balancer lab.

But don’t think we’re done. There are more new labs coming.

LPIC-1 Linux certification course: Linux Networking

The next-to-last course in our Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 certification prep series is now online. If Linux is the driver behind just about everything that moves in the cloud (and it is), then Linux networking is the highway.

Our Linux networking course covers TCP/IP configuration and management, IP addressing, network protocols and ports, and critically, a guide to some of Linux’s network troubleshooting tools, like netstat, netcat, and traceroute.

The release of Linux Networking means that there’s only one more course (Linux security and encryption) left before the entire series is complete. With that, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for and pass both LPIC-1 (Server Professional) 101 and 102 exams.

The importance of Linux to all flavors of Cloud Computing is huge and growing steadily. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab your share of the pot.

Written by

David Clinton

A Linux system administrator with twenty years' experience as a high school teacher, David has been around the industry long enough to have witnessed decades of technology trend predictions; most of them turning out to be dead wrong.

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