Hands-on Labs

Your flight simulator for training in the cloud.

Hands-on Labs are live cloud environments for your team to gain hands-on experience directly on AWS, Azure, and other technologies in real-time. Let Cloud Academy guide your team step by step in a secure, sandboxed environment. No additional costs. No new accounts. No test instances to clean up.

Real-World Training Environments

With over 120 Hands-on Labs and growing, this is your quickest path to real-world experience operating the cloud and to the DevOps technologies that underpin your multi-cloud strategy.

Guided Instruction

Tutorials alone can’t teach your team to operate the cloud. Hands-On Labs reinforce knowledge gained in a Learning Path or can be run independently. Either way, our platform guides you step by step.

Real-World Scenarios

Hands-On Labs leverage real-world use cases in a live AWS or Azure console to help your team build practical, lasting cloud computing skills. Build your team’s problem-solving skills across the most in-demand cloud services and topics.

Hands-on Labs cover essential topics such as Security, Compliance, and Migration on AWSAzure, and other cloud technologies in the enterprise world. Each lab is kept up to date with the latest platform releases, and new labs on real-world enterprise topics are published every month.

Secure Learning Sandbox

There’s a reason why internal test accounts at some companies can take weeks to get approved. Hands-on Labs are completely risk-free training environments on AWS and Azure. Zero administrative overhead. Zero risk to infrastructure.

Instant Provisioning

No AWS or Azure account? Don’t worry. Hands-on Labs instances are instantly provisioned and completely managed by Cloud Academy. They are active in seconds and shut down securely and automatically once completed.

Show your team what they can achieve when they learn by doing.