Whitepaper: A New Paradigm for Cloud Training

By 2020, nearly two-thirds of all enterprise IT infrastructure and software spending will be on cloud-based offerings, led by the availability of cheaper storage, available processing power, and the emergence of new technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The need for skilled practitioners to migrate applications and architect secure cloud solutions has never been more important, serving as a key driver of competitive differentiation. In just a decade, cloud skills and associated job roles such as cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and security specialists have evolved into critical core competencies in the enterprise.

Unfortunately, the skills gap has yet to keep pace with emerging technology and the complexities of cloud migration, slowing innovation priorities to a crawl. This slowdown has tangible consequences for the business, which must balance the need to achieve short-term results while strategically planning for the long term.

Forward-focused enterprises understand that the solution to the cloud skills gap is an investment in training. However, in seeking to build sustainable, long-term programs to build and retain digital skills, the traditional approaches to learning and development will be put to the test and most will fail.

It’s time to consider what an effective digital training platform would look like.

A New Paradigm for Cloud Training whitepaper explores the new paradigm needed in cloud training to adequately prepare organizations for what’s at stake in their digital transformation goals.

You will learn:

  • What the cloud skills gap is and how it is impacting digital transformation initiatives
  • The unique requirements for learning and development in a cloud-first world and why traditional training approaches fall short
  • What new platforms need to deliver in order to be effective, and how data-driven approaches play a role in the process
  • How the emergence of new roles, including a Digital Skills Officer, can drive training success
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