Cloud Academy’s Blog Digest: Top 5 AWS Salary Report Findings, How To Become a Cybersecurity Professional, 8 Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration, and more

Now that it’s 2020, how many times have you caught yourself dating a paper 2019? Don’t lie. It’s happened at least once or twice — or a handful of times — I’m sure. And if you’re a member of the “perfect club” that hasn’t made any 2020 mistakes, then we’re still happy to have you in our imperfect technical community. But if you’re like the rest of us — forgetful — then you’ll need to check out our latest Training Tip from Andrew Larkin, Head of Content, who created this tip with you in mind.

If you’re looking to get a CKAD or CKA Kubernetes Certification, we have a perfect webinar for you: Tips for Passing the CKAD and CKA Kubernetes Certifications. You’ll get insight into common aspects of the two exams, choosing which exam to take, and studying tips for passing the exams.

Now that we’ve got all of the announcements out of the way, let’s dive right into this month’s Cloud Academy Blog Digest.

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Top 5 AWS Salary Report Findings

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 key findings from the Jefferson Frank Salary Report. When you’re ready to begin — or advance — your AWS skills, you’ll want to check out Cloud Academy. It offers AWS training on the new generation of cloud training, for both professionals and enterprises.

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How To Become a Cybersecurity Professional

Cybersecurity Specialists are professionals who provide security during the development stages of software systems, networks, and data centers. The professionals are expected to search for risks and vulnerabilities in software and hardware. They monitor and manage any attacks and illegal intrusions. In this article, we’ll cover the roles, responsibilities, and skills required to become a cybersecurity professional. 

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Cloud Adoption

10 Reasons Digital Marketing Is More Successful With Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is a technology that serves extensive benefits to businesses. It empowers them to operate more effectively and improve their productivity as well. This is because the tools and applications that are integrated into the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. Essentially, this technology makes data storage and distribution easier. In this article, we’ll cover the 10 reasons why cloud computing improves digital marketing.

Learn Cloud Computing: Prerequisites

This is the first article in a series to introduce our members to the prerequisites to learning cloud computing. This was a question we were emailed countless times from our users, and while we have Learning Paths, AWS Certification Prep Learning Paths, Hands-on Labs, and Skill Assessments to help guide you on this journey, we also wanted to provide a useful guide on this topic.

Labs: Building Practical Cloud Skills at Scale

Time and time again, studies and customer feedback show that people want practical hands-on learning experiences in order to learn new concepts. It’s no secret that learning by doing is the most effective and engaging way to learn new skills, especially when trying out abstract concepts in the tech world. In this article, Cloud Academy’s founders talk about the innovation within Hands-on Labs to help you quickly learn practical skills.

Cloud Academy: #2 Training Tip

We know it’s tough to stay on track. That’s why we introducing Cloud Academy’s training tips to help you stay motivated to study. We’ll dive right into why we think this tip our second spot.

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Cloud Migration

8 Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration

Companies that have long migrated to the cloud many times have confirmed the effectiveness of this solution from a practical point of view. This gives you more flexibility to perform tasks, work with data is organized more quickly and efficiently, and the data itself is stored under reliable protection. However, these are not all of the benefits that may become available to businesses after migration to the cloud. In this article, we talk about the most important financial benefits that you will get by making this decision.

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Kubernetes: The Current and Future State of K8s in the Enterprise 

Kubernetes is successful in providing building blocks for developer platforms while preserving flexibility and user choice where essential. Kubernetes has become the most one of the most positively impacting technology for the industry. It is contributing well to how software is deployed for scaling, flexibility, processing, and engagement for big open-source projects.  In this article, we’ll look at the current and future state of Kubernetes in the enterprise.

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Letter from our CEO

End-Of-Year Recap: Thank You for a Fantastic 2019

After all these years, we are just as excited about the work as we were on day one. And the reason for that is because of customers like you — because of your trust and support. The constant feedback, requests, and amazing responses are what keep all of us focused on our vision.

What’s Coming in 2020

We published more content in 2019 than we have published in any previous year. Just take a look at these numbers: 

  • 92 hands-on labs and lab challenges
  • 227 courses
  • 40 learning paths

These results are a joint effort – made possible by your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for your support in 2019! The highlight for us in the last 12 months has been working with you to define and build content that has helped you achieve your business goals.  Read our blog, What’s Coming In 2020, for the full story.

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